3 Tips For A More Organised Home 

When life pulls you in a million different directions, it often means keeping your house tidy falls to the bottom of the list. The more cluttered your home becomes, the easier it can be to feel overwhelmed by doing something about it.

Are you often looking for your keys?

Are the kids’ toys everywhere?

Do you feel like you can never get on top of things to just live in your home in the way you would like to?

A few simple changes can really help, and the good news is they don’t have to be complicated. Taking small, regular steps to get on top of the mess is the key to creating a calmer, happier, more functional space, and helping you feel more in control.

These 3 simple tips will not only help you organise your home but will also transform how you feel whilst you’re in it. Make them daily and weekly habits and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you notice a decrease in clutter, physically and mentally.

Give Everything a Home

Every item in your house needs a home.

Take some time to think about the most practical place for the different items you own. Are the bits and pieces you use on a daily basis easy to reach? Are all your items in the rooms they actually need to be in? Is there anything you could group together in one place to cut down on ‘hunting’ time?

If you have kids, it’s great to start getting them involved in the habit of tidying-up regularly.  It can be fun for them to decide where they want to store their toys, and if they know where everything belongs, it’s much easier for them to learn what it means to tidy up properly.

Pay particular attention to keeping flat surfaces clear and items off the floor. This will instantly make your rooms feel more spacious, and naturally minimise clutter.

Think Before You Buy

Before buying anything, ask yourself “Do I really need this?” and try to be honest about the answer!

One of the main causes of clutter is buying things we end up not using or didn’t realise we already had!

It’s also a great question to ask to help cut down on bulk buying. If you’re already short on space, too many of one item can steal valuable storage from the things that are really important. Whilst offers can be tempting, they aren’t always the best value, so only buying what you really need can also help you save money.

Do Small Regular Purges

The key to keeping your space organised (and mental overwhelm to a minimum) is to do small, regular clear-outs. A quick purge for just 10 minutes a day, or 30 minutes a week, can help you keep on top of clutter.

Start small by clearing out the receipts from your wallet, sorting a bookshelf, or tidying up that kitchen drawer. Work up gradually to build a regular routine of decluttering your desk, hallway entrance, or a section of the bathroom.

Small purges can help you feel less overwhelmed because you’re choosing not to let clutter build up. As this becomes a new habit, you’ll not only feel more relaxed in your home, you’ll also feel much more confident about tackling bigger organisation projects like a redecoration, or getting ready for a move.

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