Things To Avoid When Wearing Clear Braces

Anyone that wears clear braces knows how important it is to keep them clean and to take good care of them. Without proper care, over time clear braces can become discoloured and can even get stained easily, just like our teeth can. Although there are a number of things that you can avoid to prevent this from happening. If you have recently got clear braces, or are considering getting them in the future, then here is a list of things to avoid when wearing clear braces.

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Tea and coffee

It is recommended by dentist worldwide that we should limit the amount of tea and coffee that we drink, in order to keep our teeth and clear braces clean and stain free. Regular consumption of tea, coffee and even hot chocolate can cause discolouration to Straight My Teeth clear braces over time. Tea and coffee contain tannins, which although is beneficial to you, it is not very beneficial for your teeth and clear braces. To avoid this tannin from staining your clear braces you can either remove the braces prior to drinking, or just simply rinse them with warm water once you have had a cup of tea of coffee.

Red food and drinks

Although this is a very board range of food and drinks, when wearing clear braces, such as the ones from Straight My Teeth, it is recommended that you avoid over consumption of red foods, or any food that contains red food dye. Red foods can include red wine, berries, tomato sauce and pastes, all of which can stain your clear braces easily. Seeing as the braces are made from a transparent plastic, any stain that occurred from consuming a red food or drink will show up on them easily.


As delicious as curry is, unfortunately it is not great for our teeth or our clear braces. Curries contain a lot of spices that can easily stain clear braces. The main spice that does this is turmeric, which is extremely common in curries. If you consume too much turmeric you will begin to notice that your clear braces will slowly start to turn a yellow shade. Although this can be discreet at first, it can get worse over time.


It is known that smoking can cause a lot of problems to our health, but it can also cause damage to our teeth and clear braces. If you smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco while wearing clear braces, they can easily become stained and turn a shade of yellow due to the nicotine that is within cigarettes. This stain can unfortunately be hard to get rid of.

Hopefully from this list you are know aware of the certain things that can stain and discolour your clear braces. But don’t worry, you can easily remove these stains by cleaning your clear braces regularly. To avoid these stains and discolouration from happening altogether, you could remove your clear braces before you begin to eat or drink.

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