4 New Year home improvements you can enjoy for life

We have arrived in the new decade! Many are calling this period the new roaring twenties, so why not start it off by making some home improvements? Your home is your castle, and you deserve to have a place of peace and privacy where you and your loved ones can truly relax. So, check out these 4 New Year home improvements that can help turn your house into a haven of bliss.

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Consider solar panels

2020 is a year where the world needs to focus on its eco-friendliness. That’s why it’s time to make your house go green with some solar panels. You can easily install them on your roof and if you have a conservatory or large windows, it’s extremely simple to attach them. This is a great way to save some money on your energy costs.

But even on a smaller scale, you can enjoy solar powered lighting in your outdoor space. Your garden can be easily lit up with small solar panel fairy lights, either strung around your fence or as decorative lights on stakes that can be pushed into the ground. It’s a sweet and simple way to do a bit for the planet, as well as add some new gorgeous lights which cost nothing to run!

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Update your indoor lights

When it comes to the lights inside your house, dated light fittings can make the rooms feel drab. So if you are thinking of making some home improvements in the New Year, a great way to start off is by sprucing up your lighting fixtures. They come in a wide range of styles, from quirky bronze industrial designs, to elegant chandeliers. Choose a design that appeals to you and works with your interior style. If you aren’t sure, think about whether your home is modern and contemporary or a period property. This can be a great project to freshen u a room and kickstart some further home improvements.

Create an additional bathroom

If you are looking to add an extension to your house, it makes sense to add an extra bathroom to your home. This sort of add-on does not need to be big and is a great way to add some convenience to your day to day living. For growing families, an extra bathroom can be invaluable and if it’s late at night, you’ll be glad of an ensuite next to your bedroom that means you can go straight back to bed in a matter of minutes.

Should you not want to ‘build out’, look at the space you already have. You may look for a simple loft refurb from Instaloft, or transform an unused closet or small storage space. There are areas of the home that can be changed into an additional bathroom or toilet quite easily. Ask your neighbours how they have altered their homes for the better and make sure you consider your design plans thoroughly and do costings before you get started on any sort of renovations.

Entertainment room goals

cinema room
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If you happen to have a spare room in your house that has turned into a ‘junk room’ think about how you can repurpose it for the better. It could become a home office or sewing room, for example. If you have the space, you may want to create an entertainment room to host small gatherings and parties. Add a large TV, some speakers, comfy seating and maybe even create a bar  – that way you can invite friends over whenever you want and just relax.

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