4 Palate-Pleasing Dinner Spaces in West Hollywood

WeHo is known for having a vast selection of cultural dining locations, representing cuisine from all over the world. Plus, some of the city’s diners are deeply rooted in American culture, in case you want food from close to home during your visit. 

Visit these renowned restaurants the next time you visit West Hollywood to give your palate the adventure of a lifetime. 

Two glasses of mimosas on top of a wooden table
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Alt-text: Two glasses of mimosas on top of a wooden table. 

“Brunch is a lifestyle” at The Butcher, the Baker, the Cappuccino Maker

Ever heard the motto, “brunch is a lifestyle?” Well, this restaurant (also known as BBCM, for short) brings that saying to life. This is a gem on Sunset Boulevard, distinguished by its distinctly chic, California aesthetic and feel. 

The BBCM’s kitchen is led by Chefs Ren Nisenbaum and Craig Hopson (who won a Michelin star!). They expertly craft brunch foods and beverages across the board, from pastries (e.g., bacon maple scones and buttermilk biscuit, yum!) to cappuccinos. 

Plus, all the farm-fresh ingredients are locally sourced. 

To spice things up, the chefs offer seasonal dishes to satisfy your taste buds. The restaurant’s interior decor matches the menu’s vibrant flavor profiles. From the yellow booths to the unique industrial light fixtures, BBCM’s style and atmosphere shine on Sunset Boulevard.

Finally, the BBCM chefs invite their guests to participate in a specialty coffee program, suggesting coffee and brunch pairings (and tasty mimosas, too!). 

Make your reservation up to two months ahead of time to get your and up to nine guests’ brunch fix at the Butcher, the Baker, the Cappuccino Maker.  

Liven up your healthy diet at Hugo’s Restaurant

This restaurant is one of WeHo’s staple eateries. It opened as one of the city’s original healthy dining spots, having opened back in the ‘70s. But don’t let the “healthy” label fool you. Hugo’s offers some mouthwatering dishes that will keep you coming back for more. 

Hugo’s menu is inclusive of all the following dietary requirements and lifestyles:

  • Omnivores
  • Carnivores
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Sustainable
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free

Plus, every meal you eat contributes to the local and wider community. Hugo’s is famously supportive of charities like:


  • Project Angel Food: With expert nutritionists’ help, this organization provides 39 types of tasty, medically-conscious meals to approximately 2,200 individuals with illnesses like HIV/AIDS, heart disease, and cancer daily. 
  • Special Needs Network: This non-profit organization serves underserved families with children affected by developmental disabilities. 
  • El Nido Family Centers: Established in 1925, this non-profit group serves over 15,000 underprivileged individuals in Los Angeles, ranging from newborns to senior citizens. 


When you eat at Hugo’s you’re not only ensuring your health but the wellbeing of your community as well. Reserve your table for up to 90 minutes to try out their signature Hugo’s Stir Fry Bowl, Desayuno Fuerte, and similar dishes. 

Three burgers sit on top of a wooden serving platter alongside French fry wedges and a beer
Photo by Chokniti Khongchum from Pexels

Pay homage to America’s diners with kitchen24

kitchen24’s aesthetic is inspired by the classic “diner.” The company aimed to pay homage to America’s favorite eatery style, recognizing diners’ deep influence on the nation’s culture. 

From their modest introduction in 1872 to the 1941 emergence of the famous diner architect, Richard Gutman, these social dining spots have been beloved by people nationwide for decades. 

kitchen24 aims to continue welcoming American’s into the easy-going, communal environment that arose so long ago in their “contemporary interpretation” of this type of restaurant.

When you visit the kitchen24 family, set your expectations to eat some of WeHo’s freshest, locally-sourced breakfast, lunch, and in-between meals, snacks, and desserts. They also offer vegetarian and vegan dishes to ensure that all types of eaters can get their fix.

Invite your loved ones along to use up those rewards points you can build up with every visit. For every $24 you spend, kitchen24 will credit you $2 to spend on wine Wednesdays, bottomless mimosas on Saturdays, late-night dinners, and more!

Enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars at Ysabel

This casual lounge stands out as one of West Hollywood’s most artistically distinguished locations, illustrated in its flavorful and aesthetically-pleasing dishes and gorgeous architecture. 

From the moment you walk in through the tunnel-enclosed patio into the open-air dining area, Ysabel welcomes its guests into a whimsical, romantic environment. Couples can enjoy the private tent for an intimate dinner or visit with a larger group to warm up by the lounge’s fireplace. 

You’re welcome to relish in an evening dining experience at Ysabel as well, dining under the night sky, illuminated by the glowing Los Angeles lights. 

The dishes are just as vibrant as the setting itself and feature only the highest-quality sustainable, organic ingredients. Their eclectic Mediterranean-influenced menu offers dishes for a range of dietary habits, such as:

  • Multigrain flatbread with green olive tapenade and Normandy butter (vegetarian)
  • Mediterranean meatballs, tahini yogurt, herb salad, and toasted garlic bread (vegan)
  • 40 oz tomahawk rib-eye steak (grass-fed, dry-aged steak, sourced from Aspen Ridge Ranch)

Try any of their cocktails to refresh your palate between the delectable dishes, skip straight to dessert, or come back the next day for a yummy start to the day at brunch. 

Take your palate on an adventure at WeHo’s restaurants

Dining in WeHo is an experience unlike any other. The next time you’re in town, try any of the mouthwatering dishes at the locations above or choose your own West Hollywood dining space for other palate-pleasers. 


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