Bridal brooch wedding inspiration

Creative Ways to use Vintage Brooches for your Wedding

Much like vinyl records have enjoyed a recent resurgence, vintage brooches are undergoing a bit of a revival – and not necessarily being worn in a conventional way, but used and displayed in interesting ways.

Perhaps it’s popular TV shows like ‘The Crown’ that have peaked interest in these distinctive pieces of jewellery once again – and with wedding season now upon us, it’s a great time to think about re-purposing decorative costume brooches (or those family heirlooms with sentimental value) and making them into a unique feature for your wedding.

Bridal brooch wedding inspiration

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can creatively incorporate vintage brooches into your special day:

Wedding Stationery

Lots of people love to craft their own cards and invitations to make them unique, so if you are a creative type and want to give your guests a one of a kind keepsake invitation or ‘save the date’ card, what better way than adding embellishments like little brooches.  They also look fabulous adorning personalised gift tags, too, when saying thank you to your bridesmaids and ushers.

Wedding stationery ideas

The Cake

A special wedding day deserves an eye-catching wedding cake to create a beautiful and dramatic centrepiece – and one way to give your cake a unique twist is by adding beautiful brooches with flowers.  What I like about this idea is that, if budget is tight, you can buy a plain iced wedding cake and embellish it yourself with jewels that will shimmer in the lights and really elevate the status of your cake to a work of art!

Here Comes The Bride

Wearing a treasured brooch from a special grandma or mum can mean the world to a bride – and even a reproduction one can add sophistication and glamour to your bridal outfit.  You might like to incorporate a stunning brooch into your wedding dress at the neckline, waist or even at the back, which will be noticeable as you walk down the aisle.  You may choose to work a single brooch or several into a beautiful bespoke headdress – or even add it to the traditional garter underneath your dress!  Meanwhile, a great way to incorporate ‘something blue’ is with a gorgeous blue brooch!

Some brides like to create the ultimate bouquet that will last forever, made completely out of brooches clustered together.  You can see some examples on my ‘Wedding Season’ pinterest board here.  And have you ever thought how a plain pair of satin shoes can be decorated beautifully with brooches, or pieces from a brooch glued on or stitched by hand?  Apply to the toe area or heel for guaranteed sparkle, making your whole attire distinctive and memorable, as it should be on your wedding day.

Table Decor

Going to town with your table styling can be fun and it’s a great way to get creative using vintage-inspired or boho brooches when decorating the tables for your wedding breakfast.  Add brooches to candle holders or to vintage style jars, vases and bottles as centrepieces.  Brooches also look fabulous attached to napkin holders and simply gorgeous when used to gather fabric at the back of a dressed dining chair as you can see here, giving a stunningly elegant appearance.

I hope those ideas go to show you some of the many ways vintage brooches can be used to great effect in your wedding day, dress and decor!  Why not pin this article for later:

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