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4 Ways to Save Your Precious Summer Memories

It’s September already!  How did that happen?

With each passing summer, I see how much my sons are growing and it strikes me that the years seem to whizz by.  Before I blink, we’ll be decorating for Halloween, with Christmas hot on our heels!

So at the end of every season, its nice to try and capture some of the memories.  This summer, if you have been on holiday or had some memorable days out and collected souvenirs on your travels or taken some really great photos, how will you preserve them?

Today I thought it would be fun to share a few ways you could keep those memories alive:

Photo Collage

There are many ways to create a photo collage.  You could buy a big photo frame and stuff it full of summer snaps, clip individual photos on to a noticeboard or maybe create an entire gallery wall of framed images.  For me, this year I’ll be using my HP Sprocket photo printer to print off favourite images from my phone.  Using the app, I can change filters, add frames and motifs and the great thing is they print out onto sticky backed paper, so I can peel off and place them wherever I wish.HP Sprocket

Personalised gifts and products

If you’re not feeling crafty or are short on time, ordering some personalised items can be a simple and effective way to save and enjoy some of your holiday memories.  Cool t-shirts, custom mugs, mouse mats, cushions for your sofa and even gift wrap can be adorned with pictures from your fabulous summer adventures!  Things like photo jigsaws of your children can make a lovely gift for a relative, too.

Memory Jar

Memory jars are so good to dip into when you want a reminder of a particular holiday or summer.  Get a big jar with a lid and fill it with ticket stubs, receipts, photos, pebbles, souvenirs –  whatever reminds you of good times.  An alternative idea is to create a sand jar, where you collect a small bag of sand from each beach you visit, carefully adding them to the jar so you end up with distinct layers of sand from the different beaches.  Just remember to label the side of the jar to know which layer is which!  There are some great ideas along these lines on Pinterest.


Another great way to keep  photos, tickets and souvenirs from fun days out is to fill a scrapbook.  You can decorate the scrapbook inside and out, its a chance to put your creative stamp on something.  Add colourful motifs, frames, jewels – whatever floats your boat!  It’s an ideal way to spend a rainy afternoon and there are lots of printables and embellishments around.  I’ve never got into scrapbooking before, so when HP recently sent me a scrapbook to go with my Sprocket Photo Printer, I was keen to give it a go.  As with many people discovering the joy of knitting, or colouring books for adults, you may find this could become your new way to relax.  It’s such a shame that we tend to lose some of our creative spark as we grow older, so why not reignite yours?  Don’t forget I’m giving away an HP Sprocket at the moment – there’s still time to enter here.

HP Sprocket Scrapbook

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