Beginner golf essentials

5 Essentials Every Beginner Golfer Needs

Are you a newbie to the great sport of golf? If it is about to become your next new hobby and you’re keen to get started, here are the basic items you’ll need to get your golfing journey underway.

Golf essentials

What to Wear

As with any sport or pursuit, you need the right kit to wear. This doesn’t mean running out and buying all the latest head to toe golf gear, which would set you back a pretty penny. Just start with a few basics until you are sure you love the game. Many golf courses will have a dress code so check ahead before you play. But generally, golf shoes are important, a polo shirt and shorts or trousers. Layers are useful if the weather is changeable and you want to feel comfortable and free to move in your clothing. Click here for golf wear from Function 18. Breathable fabrics are your friend if conditions are sweaty.  The right socks and a glove will keep blisters at bay.

Choosing Golf Clubs

If you’re just starting out, buying clubs can be daunting. It may be best to buy a complete set as you’ll get everything you need, including a bag. Do note there are different clubs for men and women. A complete set of golf clubs will have 12 to 14 clubs, including a range of fairway woods and driver, hybrid clubs, irons, sand wedges and a putter. It’s important to find a good basic golf club set as a beginner, so pop into a specialist golf shop and ask their advice or have a chat to any friends or family members who are more experienced golfers to get their recommendations. You can also check out some reviews online. Here’s a handy article for further reading.

 Golf Balls for Beginners

It could be argued that the best golf balls for beginners are cheap ones because you’ll inevitably lose a lot of them! Used balls in good condition are fine to start with. Low-compression balls tend to be softer and as they compress more easily, this can help beginners with a slower swing to get greater distance with their shot. Balls with a soft rubber core and soft surface cover will feel softer to the touch and although not as durable as some harder balls, they will give more control and better spin. As well as golf balls you’ll need tees – these are a little device, peg or stand designed to raise the ball off the ground.

What goes into your Golf Bag?

As well as carrying your golf clubs around with you, you’ll need a few other essentials in your bag. Be prepared for fluctuating weather – remember sunscreen and a peaked cap, but also an umbrella and rainproof gloves. A towel, pencils and pen, tees and golf balls, plus a water bottle will all stand you in good stead. You can find more suggestions here.

Hopefully this little round up will help you get set up and ready for playing your first round of golf – good luck on the green!

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