5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Skylights for Your Home

When it comes to home improvement projects that have maximum impact, installing skylights in the home is near the top of the list. Besides the fact that they change the aesthetic of the house, they will also allow light into spaces that may have been quite dark before. This changes the look and feel of the home as natural light has a welcoming, warm, and bright quality about it. But before you go all in on the skylight, here are some factors to consider as you choose which skylight is best for your home.

The Placement Makes a Huge Difference

Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the placement of the skylight. There is the design aspect, but also ask what makes the most sense in terms of energy saving impact. Allowing the bright, warm sun to pour in during the winter months can help you in terms of energy savings. If this is the main goal, the skylight needs to be placed in a spot that will optimise the hours of sun it gets.

What Level of Glazing Do You Want?

One factor that determines the cost of the skylight is the glazing. Today you’ll find triple, double and single glazing. Generally speaking, opting for double glazing is a sound decision. Double glazed windows boast excellent energy efficiency and are a good middle-of-road option that won’t blow the budget.

Pitched Roof Windows May Be Necessary

If the area you wish to install the skylight has a pitched roof, then you’re going to need to consider pitched roof windows which are made specifically for an angle. And then even within the pitched roof category, you have a couple of options. You can opt for a centre pivot style, which means it pivots open/closed from the centre of the skylight, or a fire escape style where the skylight opens from the top.
These Keylite pitched roof windows are a great example of how this style looks, giving you a chance to work it into your design plans. The Keylite pitched roof windows can be found in PVC and pine models, allowing you to pick your top choice.

Get a Professional to Do the Installation

Before you even think about installing the skylight yourself, this is a job for a professional. It needs to be the perfect fit and have the proper sealing so that you don’t end up with leaks and moisture build-up – both of which can lead to costly repairs down the road.

Do You Want Electric Operation?

Finally, depending on the placement of the skylight you may prefer electric over the manual operation. This means you can open and control the skylight using a remote control. It’s a convenience that you’ll likely be grateful for.

Installing a skylight or multiple skylights in the home is a great way to allow more natural light, not to mention the energy savings aspect. But as beautiful as they are, it’s still important you do your research and be specific about the features you need and want.

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