How to Bring the Outdoors into the Home

Now you can bring a wonderful outdoor feel to the interior of the home. For someone who appreciates the natural world, being able to have Mother Nature indoors is an amazing feeling. Here are some great ways to do exactly that.

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Benefits of Embracing the Natural Elements

There are several benefits of being around nature that are vital for your well-being. For example, living close to nature has been associated with less stress and lower diastolic blood pressure.

Having less stress can translate into fewer days off work, as well as making the time with your family more enjoyable. With living near greenspaces having such great health-related effects, it makes sense to invite the outdoors into the interior of your house to enjoy those benefits still.

8 Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside

1. Natural Light

When natural light streams into your room, then you are more likely to feel good. Enjoy the daylight by getting aluminium bi-fold doors or sliding doors with even more glass. Check Bristol Bifold’s website for the many attractive options and easily request a quote.

Your home will feel brighter with these types of doors that bring in natural light. Plus, you can see the outdoors anytime you want from your kitchen, office, living room, or another room.

Pull back the curtains on the windows to bring in the sunlight. Adding pops of colour around the home will also help to lighten up the interior.

2. Plants

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Add plants to your home’s interior to instantly create a connection between you and nature. Every time you look at the plants, you will think of the natural environment.

These plants add texture to a room too, and they boost air quality. What’s more, you can put some greenery on the windowsill of your kid’s room to introduce them to gardening.

Another idea is to simply fill long round vases with one or two leaves, with a bit of water at the bottom. The whimsical table display will delight your guests.

3. Colours

When you think of nature, your thoughts probably go immediately to certain colours. First, green. Light, dark, and sage green are all popular with Mother Nature.

Plus, you might think of the yellow of the sun, blue of the sky, the brown of soil, and the array of bright shades of flower petals. Bring some of those beautiful colours into the home to create an outdoorsy feel.

From rugs to pillows, blankets, and lamps, there are many wonderful ways to incorporate those gorgeous hues. Artwork featuring the colours mentioned above are also simple ways to create an earthy feel around the interior of your residence.

4. Natural Elements

Literally, bring in the outdoors by incorporating parts of nature into your living spaces. You’re not limited to flower arrangements in vases, either.

For example, add a water feature to the family room, and create a display of seashells from the beach on the shelf of the bookcase in the bedroom.  Another great idea is to display branches on the walls as artwork.

Winding twigs on the wall are a one-of-a-kind display. Making a twig wreath is another idea, especially in fall and wintertime. You can add pressed leaves to the wreath for color and even use what you’ve got in the garden.

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5. Fresh Air

Perhaps the most obvious choice, but not one that’s always thought of, open windows to bring in the fresh air. Even when it’s cold outside, opening a window can improve the day as you’ll likely notice the sounds of children playing and the music of chirping birds.

Another idea is to evoke a sense of nature by adding essential oils like eucalyptus or lavender to a diffuser in the home. The scents will remind you of the outdoors instantly.

6. Nature Prints

You might also switch up the cushions you have on sofas and the beds for ones that have wildlife, trees, flowers, and other outdoor scenes on them. It could be as easy as buying new pillow covers and stitching embroidery flowers to display around the home.

These images are sure to brighten your day as you think of camping trips and other outdoor adventures. Even in the colder months, you’ll be feeling warm with the terrific memories.

7. Natural Floors

When it comes to flooring, choose a style that is natural and clean. Bamboo is one example, and it is growing in popularity as it is easy to maintain and durable. Another choice is wood is reclaimed hardwood, which reuses wood that was already chopped down long ago.

If you don’t want to redo the whole floor of your house, then instead add rugs made of these same materials. They have such an inviting appearance, and eco-friendly materials are good for the planet too.

8. Murals

Create a unique mural to hang on the wall that has a nature theme. You might paint it or instead choose stickers, photos, or branches.

Perhaps you paint a mountain landscape. Or, you add wallpaper to a wall that has a print featuring large green leaves. The choice is yours!

Organize the Home Too

As you start to make these style choices, take time to declutter the home too. During the year, you likely have accumulated excess or no longer use certain things.

If so, put them aside to donate to charity or give to friends. If they can be used by someone else, that is great, and they are saved from the landfill. If something has broken and isn’t useful anymore then toss them as they are taking up precious space.

Part of what makes nature so lovely is that it is not overly crowded but instead has a beautiful balance. Create that same sense of calm in your home by weeding out any clutter and creating a stress-free atmosphere for you and your family.

Final Words on Loving the Outdoors

When you have an indoor space that reminds you of the outdoors, your mood is sure to be a great one. There is something about nature that is calming and lovely. Look forward to feeling close to nature, no matter which room you walk into in the house.

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