5 Factors to Consider When Choosing your Blinds

Window coverings take different forms and come in various colours, styles and price points. Blinds are among the most popular of them all, owing to the incredible transformative power they have in a room. They, however, do not come cheap. Buying blinds for all the windows in your home represents a significant investment. You cannot afford to make mistakes with an investment of such magnitude. You want to make the right choice to get your penney’s worth. Here are some considerations to have in mind to ensure that you get the right blinds to suit your style and functionality:

Interior Style

The blinds you select need to represent your unique style and overall décor for your home. You want blinds that reflect the theme of your room and communicate your taste. Venetian blinds may be the right fit if you are into the trendy vogue-ish style. They will work best if you enjoy the look of white plantation shutters. Moreover, you will get better light control and privacy. If you fancy a more contemporary look, roller blinds may be the ones for you. Roller blinds also work great if your windows need frequent access. Bold, flamboyant styles will work best if you love some drama, while subtle hues work if the vibe in your home is warm and homely. It all comes down to personal preference when choosing the style of blind to bring to your home.

Window style

The window style in your home will influence the kind of blind you need because blinds open and close differently. Also, the level of access to your window should be a factor to consider when choosing blinds for your windows. For instance, roller blinds work best if you want easy access to sliding doors. What’s more, they are simple and work well for a clean minimal style.

Lighting needs

The amount of lighting you need should dictate the kind of blinds you select. A bright window may be the best for the kitchen but would probably work horribly in the nursery bedroom where little ones are trying to catch some sleep. The amount of light you are comfortable peeking through matters when selecting blinds. Do you prefer to have a slim crescent shining between the blinds or have blinds that are as close to blackout as possible? Such lighting demands are a factor to consider when selecting blinds.

Blind material

Blinds come in various materials, each suitable for different spaces. If your home is exposed to high heat, aluminium Venetians, block-out roller blinds, and white timber Venetians would be the right fit. Their reflective backing will do a neat job of eliminating excessive warmth. Areas like the bathroom and kitchen prone to water would work best with moisture-resistant fabrics like PVC and aluminium Venetians. If you live in a cold area, blinds with thermal lining will come in handy. Insulating window blinds will reduce heat loss and help you save on energy bills.


Blinds inevitably attract dust. That said, blinds that require constant cleaning can be a significant bother to maintain. Some blinds also will require professional cleaning to keep them in tip-top shape. When choosing the blinds for your home, you should consider how easy/ convenient it will be to clean them. If hiring a professional often seems too hectic, you are better off with blinds you can clean yourself.

Wrapping up

Blinds give a room an instant uplift. They are the perfect addition to a home, and they not only bring style but functionality too. Even more so when one knows the specific factors to consider to get the right ones for their space.

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