How to Choose a Party Theme

Every great party starts with a great theme but deciding how to decorate your home for an upcoming event can be a challenge. From disco to Halloween, deciding how to decorate, what food to serve, and how to coordinate all of the aspects of your party into a clear theme is usually the hardest part of the planning process. If you have a party coming up and aren’t sure how you want to decorate it, here are some tips for choosing a theme for a party at your house.

Make Sure the Theme Goes with The Occasion

The first step to choosing a theme for your party is to make sure that you consider the occasion. Whatever theme you pick needs to be suitable for the party. If you are throwing a going away party for your grandma and her retirement community, a Christmas theme might not be the most appropriate. In the same way, if you are having a party for your young child and their friends, it needs to have an age-appropriate theme.

Consider Colours

A really simple party theme if you don’t want to go with something more elaborate is to focus on colours. Just like a wedding, colours can really bring a whole party together and it can be a very personal touch if you or whoever you are throwing the party for loves a certain colour scheme. Colour can also send a really big message without having to go overboard with it. For example, black and white give a feeling of elegance and sophistication, while red and green are perfect for christmas time.

Make it Personal

For parties that are for someone specific, like a birthday party, try to base the theme around something that they love. Or, if you are throwing a party, choose something that you love and want to share with everyone. This can be anything from a favorite film or book to a holiday you enjoy. There is nothing wrong with a Halloween-themed party in July if that is what you really want, and the uniqueness is sure to entertain your guests.

Make a Budget

In the excitement of planning a party with a theme it can be very easy to go over budget, so make sure you keep track of everything you plan on spending. If the theme is proving to be too expensive to execute properly, try choosing something that is less specific. For example, a star wars theme is going to require a lot of specific items and decorations. Instead of doing this, go for a space theme which will allow you to make a lot of things yourself.

Go Seasonal

When in doubt, a theme that goes with the season is always a safe bet. This doesn’t always have to be a holiday theme. For example, if it is December that doesn’t mean you have to go with Christmas, you can also go for a winter theme. Snowflakes, all white and silver, glitter and more can turn your home into a snowy wonderland.

Consult Your Friends

If you are having trouble deciding on a theme, try asking your friends and family what they would enjoy when they come. You might be surprised by the great ideas that they have, even things you didn’t think of. Planning and executing the theme of your party with some help may make it easier and a lot more fun.

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