5 Personal Injury Instances A “Mum-To-Be” Should Be Aware Of

As a would-be mother, you can never be too safe. It is only sensible to ensure that your baby is healthy and very much active when you finally bring him into the world. It is your responsibility to ensure his safety and well-being right from the moment you conceive him. This blog aims to educate you about a few very important yet easily avoidable instances that can amount to personal injury. If you are about to deliver for the first time, you should go through this entire page and be informed about your legal right to compensation. Let us begin:

Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are also quite common and they also constitute personal injuries. As a pregnant woman, it is important for you to understand just how serious these injuries can be when you perform your daily tasks in the office. They can lead to horrific consequences and forever damage if you are not careful and if first aid does not reach you on time. You will need the help and guidance of a personal injury lawyer to establish that you were not at fault and that you deserve rightful compensation for the injuries you have suffered. The more information about these cases you have the better it is for you when you are at work.

Slip And Fall Cases

Similarly, slip and fall cases are also very complicated. Whether it is your office space or the property of someone that you may have visited, you should know when you are entitled to get compensation for all your injuries. If you have been hurt on the premises of another individual, it is the duty of the landlord to do as much as he can to mitigate your injuries and compensate you for your damages.

Rising Consciousness About Tylenol Use During Pregnancy

There is also a rising consciousness and awareness about injuries/defects that are caused due to the use of Tylenol during pregnancy. According to studies, the use of this substance increases the risk of many disorders in babies by 20%. Now if you get in touch with your lawyers for Tylenol autism lawsuit, they would tell you just how critical the entire situation can be.

When you talk about Tylenol use during pregnancy, the entire topic becomes quite controversial. The use of acetaminophen is not recommended by doctors because it puts your fetus at a greater risk of developmental disorders such as Autism, ADHD, language delays, oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, decreased IQ levels, and decreased executive function as well. This kind of lawsuit falls under the category of product liability and is a kind of personal injury that is induced by the use of a product. In this case, it is Tylenol. A pregnant woman should be aware that the use of acetaminophen is only safe when it is consumed in low quantities. Health professionals do not recommend prolonged use of acetaminophen during pregnancy in any case because there are several studies that connect the use of Tylenol directly with neurological disorders in small children.

Medical Malpractice Is Also One

Yes. Medical malpractice can also result in personal injury. Your doctor is under an oath. He is responsible that no harm comes to you or your baby. It is his responsibility to protect you during your pregnancy and make sure that the following types of medical malpractice incidents do not occur:

Any kind of misdiagnosis
Delayed or postponed diagnosis
Injuries during childbirth
Errors in medication
Failure to treat any visible symptoms
Mistakes during anesthesia
Surgical errors

Compared to many other countries, the authority of the Federal government over medical malpractice lawsuits is non-existent in the US. Here, only the individual states have the authority to govern medical malpractice lawsuits. If you suspect that you have been a victim of medical practice, you must understand what the statute of limitation is and how it is going to differ from state to state. Your lawyer can help you establish the negligence of the hospital or medical facility from where you may have obtained medical services. If this negligence is established and if it is evident that this is what led to your injury, the court will grant you compensation.


Being informed about your rights under all of these circumstances is the only way you can claim compensation for the damages that you have suffered. Personal injury is not something that you should take lightly, especially when you are pregnant. It is for your safety and that of your little one.

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