Easy and fun activities for kids and dads to enjoy this summer

School’s out and that means long, sunny days to fill and for many dads, it’s a chance to enjoy some quality time with their children.

If you need some inspiration and ideas for fun activities, these suggestions may help:

Messy Play

Children love getting their fingers busy and hands messy with crafts; even the youngest members of the family, so make time to have some fun around the kitchen table and get creative! Homemade playdoh or slime is always good fun. Modelling clay, is the perfect way to handcraft a gift for daddy that means so much more than anything bought from a store.

A Round of Golf

When the weather’s nice, there’s nothing better than getting out in the fresh air and sunshine, doing a sport. Golf is not only a fun and sociable activity; it’s good exercise and children can gain valuable hand-eye coordination skills as they play. Golf is also a wonderful sport to help teach children great life lessons, such as waiting their turn, when not to speak too loudly, being polite to other players, and most importantly patience.  If you would like to play golf with your children then you will need to make sure to have the best kids golf clubs that are made specifically for their age group. Whether they are a toddler or a teenager, there is a set of golf clubs made just for them.  A day at the golf course with your children can bring a lifetime of special memories.

Explore a Beach

If you are lucky enough to be by the coast, a few hours collecting shells and pebbles on a beach may be something you’d enjoy doing together. Decorate a large pebble from one of your beach combing adventures to use as a paperweight or decorative desk item. If you’re lucky, your kids might paint on the words, My Dad Rocks! You could also decorate a plain photo frame with pretty shells collected on a memorable day as a treasured keepsake.

Make Memories

Your kids’ cute hands and feet won’t stay tiny for long, so capture them by pressing them into a dish of non toxic paint and making prints onto some blank paper ready to be framed. You could also try making 3D imprints – you can buy kits that provide everything you need to preserve a precious imprint!

Bake a cake

Some home baked goodies are sure to hit the mark. How about creating a giant cupcake or cookie? Let the kids loose with some icing pens to decorate with and favorite candy pieces or mini marshmallows. (In honour of bad dad jokes, maybe they’ll ice on the words, ‘We would be muffin without you dad!’)

Homemade Gifts

A hardworking daddy deserves a few items for his desk that will remind him of why he puts the hours in at his job. Sharpie pens can be used to draw on and personalize a plain white coffee mug. Once the artwork is complete, let the mug dry for a full 72 hours. Place in a cold oven and turn the temperature to 425. Time for one hour and then turn off the oven, leaving the mug to cool inside. This will help avoid cracking – ideally leave overnight inside the oven. You can hand wash the mug, but dishwashers aren’t advisable if you want the artwork to last a long time.

If you can never find a pen, maybe you need a pen pot for your desk? How about one that is made out of Lego? A practical item that your kids will have fun constructing with you.

Get Crafting

Fabric felt tip pens and special fabric glitter pens are a great way to add some doodles to a plain pair of socks or a T-shirt, whilst dry pasta can be painted and glued to a piece of card to make a pretty picture – this is especially good fun for toddlers to make.

Let the kids make you a paper crown and allow you to be King for the day! They could decorate it with pretend jewels and glitter and you can wear it around the house for everyone’s amusement!

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