Denby Halo offers

5 Reasons to love Denby Halo Tableware

Denby Halo offers

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Denby is one of those classic British brands that has been around for decades and everybody is familiar with.

Its tableware, serveware and cookware not only looks good, but is high quality and made to last.  Many of the Denby designs appeal to me, but one that really reflects my personal taste is the Halo collection.  Established in 2010, it has an understated style, colour and finish that I really like.

And so, with Denby currently running a fantastic bank holiday weekend offer (some lines with discounts of up to 50%), I thought I would share the reasons I think Halo is such a great collection and worth investing in:

The Contemporary Style

Denby Halo range

The Halo range is one of handcrafted stoneware with an elegant style and striking, glossy speckled finish.  It is a perfect blend of traditional pottery technique and modern looks.  It has a uniqueness, often lacking in a lot of tableware styles.

Designer, Sarah Heaton, says, “I was determined to showcase the amazing ‘craft’ capabilities’ the factory had used in our history – in a way, back to our roots of pottery and making pots. The time was right as the mood of the designers and artists was moving away from clinical mass-produced to a more honest approach to new products and the way we interact with items from our home.”

The Craftsmanship

People often say, ‘You get what you pay for’ and with Denby I’d agree that’s definitely so.  We’ve gone through countless cheap dinner sets over the years that can’t withstand the demands of family life, resulting in inevitable chips and breakages before long and leaving you with an ensemble of mismatched crockery.  I love that with Denby, should the unthinkable happen and you break a piece, it is easy to replace, too.

With 200 years of Denby heritage and expertise behind the name, if I’d begun investing in Denby back when I got married and set up home, I’ve no doubt I’d have built up a fabulous collection by now and still have loads of original pieces going strong!

The Glaze

The unique effect of the Halo finish occurs when the pottery goes into the kiln and two tones of a special secret glaze are expertly fused together.  The resulting appearance is glossy and modern but with a rustic touch and each piece, be it a mug, bowl or plate, is infused with bags of artisanal appeal.

Denby Halo Mugs

The Durability

Made in the UK by a team of skilled craftspeople in Derbyshire, Halo is as durable as any other Denby design and comes with a 10 year guarantee.  This is because the hard Derbyshire clay is fired at 1200 degrees, plus that iconic glaze not only looks stunning but helps protect from chips, too.  I love the fact that such a stylish set of tableware can be used in the oven, microwave and freezer and is safe to put in the dishwasher, too.

The Versatility

Since Halo is so kitchen friendly, there’s no need to keep it for best occasions only – the chic style with handcrafted charm ensures it is great both for entertaining and everyday use.  With a range of different sized plates, cups and bowls, there’s a Halo piece for every occasion.  Generous serving dishes mean that Halo can cope with hearty family meals, dinner parties and other social occasions.  Not only that, the captivating design would grace the tabletop of any home and when you’re stuck for gift ideas, you need look no further.

You can view the Halo range from Denby here.

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