6 Ways Business Storage & Racking Helps Your Business To Be More Successful

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If you want to be competitive in business, then there are some things you will always need to do, for example, keeping your existing customers happy while bringing new ones on board. In addition, maintaining a firm control over your expenditure is important and a key factor in this is how much you are spending on inefficient storage systems. Read on to discover the commercial advantages that a professional business storage solution can offer your enterprise.

1  Install Pallet Racking for Greater Efficiency

Inefficient working does not simply cost you time when you are running a logistical operation – it will cost you money, too. Shelving and storage bins are fine up to a point, but pallet racking allows you to integrate your stock room with both your goods-in and goods-out functions. With a storage system that is geared up for pallets, you are one step ahead of the game. After all, nearly all business deliveries of any size are made using pallets these days. Pallet Racking in Nottingham is available at Warehouse Storage Solutions Ltd. and it is ideal for all kinds of business types and volumes. You can choose a bespoke pallet solution for your business to ensure a smooth supply chain process, without any lags.

2  Fit Racking to Augment Storage Room

Before you consider renting an additional storage space or squeezing your office desks together so that you have more room for stock, think about how a high racking system will benefit your business. So long as slower moving items are placed on the highest racks, most things remain within easy reach. With higher racks, you have more places to store items and therefore maximise the footprint of your warehouse without spending more on overheads.

3  Greater Organisation

Business storage solutions offer a greater degree of clarity as to where things are in a stock room or warehouse. Without it, items tend to get jumbled up with one another or boxes are shoved on top of stock which means that you cannot find things when you need to. You can opt for simple office storage options from Shelving Direct – but for a highly efficient supply process, you will have to move to a more professional racking system. Proper storage systems allow for clear lines of sight that help members of staff to find the things they are looking for to fulfil orders. 

4  Faster Moving Operations

Because you can locate items more easily, your business starts being able to meet customers’ expectations more fully. If an order comes in for half a dozen items and only some can be found, for example, then the entire delivery may be delayed. On the other hand, if you are better organised, then same or next-day deliveries become more commonplace, helping you to get the upper hand over competitors.

5  Cantilevered Racking

With a cantilevered system of storage, the weight of stored items makes the racking stable. You don’t need to attach it to the floors or walls with any permanent fixings. Opting for such a system means that you can easily reorganise your warehouse to meet future needs without causing any damage to the building.

6  Thinner Aisles

With professional storage systems, you need less room between racks. This offers business owners the benefit of being able to fit more racking into their stock room. Why leave unused floor space open when you can fill it with additional storage capacity?

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