5 Reasons To Update Your Home In The New Year

2017 is just around the corner, Christmas is drawing to a close and it might be time for that all important New Year clear out.

Why not update your whole home ready for the New Year; try a new style, sort through the clutter and find a new lease of life in your house.

Here are 6 reasons from Ramsbottom Kitchen Company to update your home in the New Year:

1 De-Clutter and De-Stress

Once all the Christmas presents have arrived, the decorations are scattered all over and you are feeling a little overwhelmed, it is the perfect time to dive right in and try de-cluttering.

This might seem like quite a task with rooms full of things you have accumulated over many years, but de-cluttering is the perfect remedy for stress. Organise your time between each room and get the whole family involved.

Updating your home in this way and getting rid of the clutter will help you feel calm and ready to dive right into the January sales knowing your purchases have somewhere to go when they get home.furniture-1868274_640

2 Update Your Home to Suit Your Lifestyle

For many, their home has to deal with a lot of people, activities and events all the time.  Whatever your situation is and whatever you need your home for, update your house to suit your lifestyle. Prioritise your bigger purchasing decisions; whether that means new kitchen appliances such as a cooker or fridge from top brands like Rangemaster or Neff, or buying a bigger dining room table to fit the whole family around. However you need to update your home, if you do it to suit your lifestyle you’ll see what a difference it makes.

3 Its Time for A Whole New Look

Updating your home in the New Year means you can try a whole new look or style. If you are bored of the way your rooms are decorated then start from scratch and find the perfect style for you, whether that’s industrial, retro, boutique hotel or something else.  Don’t compromise for convenience, treat yourself to a whole new style for your home just as you treated everyone else this Christmas.  There’s lots of home interiors inspiration and hacks to be found on websites like #tidylife and Pinterest.

4 Increase the Value of Your House

With the property market always an uncertain place, if you ever decide to sell it is good to know your property is at its most valuable. If you update your home and invest in new kitchen appliances, furnishings and fittings then you are much more likely to see the value of your property rise.

5 No Better Time Than The New Year

During the holiday season of Christmas and New Year there is a lot of opportunity to get work done on your house. Whether you are away on holiday or simply at home, it is much easier to get the work done to your home when you don’t have to be in work fretting about not knowing what is going on.

Start 2017 right and find a whole new lease of life in your home.

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