5 Ways To Remove Superglue

shutterstock-jpgAround 100,000 people each year visit the accident and emergency department because of DIY related injuries.

The simplest DIY task can turn into quite an ordeal if you aren’t careful. You can hit yourself with a hammer, miss the wall and attach a nail to yourself, slip off a ladder or do all of these things combined. However, one of the most common DIY injuries is getting stuck with superglue.

That glue you’ve used to stick vases back together with, heels to the bottoms of your shoes and a range of other repairs isn’t called ‘super’ for nothing – it can stick firm and fast!

So here are 5 ways to remove superglue and hopefully save you a trip to the accident and emergency room:

1 Using Nail Varnish Remover

Many of us will have varnish remover hanging around in the house and along with removing nail varnish, it can remove some stains and even help lift superglue.

To use this on the sticky situation, soak the affected area in nail varnish remover until the glue can be chipped off or dissolved. However, this might remove your nail varnish at the same time so if you have just had a manicure then steer clear of this.  Also be cautious with this method, as some surfaces will be damaged by the remover – and of course keep well away from eyes.

2 Petroleum Jelly

Superglue is a useful product for a range of different DIY projects and Bearing Boys stock a great range. However this does mean that sometimes you might find yourself with sticky fingers.

So another way to remove superglue is with petroleum jelly. This might sound strange because it generally regarded as safe and hardly abrasive, but it has been proven to work.

Wash your hands in plenty of warm soapy water and then rub the affected area with the petroleum jelly. Once you have rubbed it in and left it for at least 10 minutes then you can try to remove the superglue using a nail file.

3 Vegetable Oil

The old household go to for any sticky situation, vegetable oil can be used to pry open fingers. The oily substance is great at loosening the glue.

Try massaging it into the area that is stuck and then see if you can carefully ease the fingers open.

4 Margarine

Margarine, another type of vegetable oil is great for the more sensitive skin. This needs applying just as you would the vegetable oil on the affected areas.

Once you have massaged into the superglue, it should help loosen it but if it doesn’t make sure you do not try to tug your fingers apart (if that is where the glue is). If you were to tug at the skin this could result in tearing and irritation, causing more damage.

5 Salt

Surprisingly salt can be used to remove superglue from your skin.

Take a couple of spoonful’s of salt and add one spoonful of water until you get a paste that can be rubbed onto the area stuck with superglue. Adding more salt paste and massaging it may help to loosen the glue.

If all else fails then it is time to join those other 100,000 people each year and head to the doctors to seek some medical advice.

Good Luck!

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