5 Top Tips For Better Sleep: Transform Your Bedroom Into A Sleep Haven

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Getting seven or more hours of sleep a night is essential for waking up feeling refreshed, but it is also vital for our overall motivation and energy levels the next day. However, people in the UK only get an average of five hours of slumber a night, and studies have shown that the sleep deficit in Britain is having a negative impact on the overall productivity of the general public. With today’s modern lifestyles, it is not always easy to transform our bedrooms into a sleep haven where we can achieve the best chance of peace and rest.   

In our guide, we’re here to help you with our top tips for a better night’s sleep that will leave you feeling happier and more productive. 

Quality Materials

It’s vital that you invest in luxurious fabrics as they will help you to doze off peacefully. When we sleep, it is essential that we are as comfortable as possible, and fabrics play a significant role in how well we rest at night. Though personal preferences for the perfect fabrics may vary, choosing materials you love is the first step in transforming your space into a sanctuary of tranquillity. 

Blackout Blinds

Light control in your bedroom is a crucial aspect of your sleep hygiene and is the ideal way to create a relaxing atmosphere for you to sink into at the end of the day. Blackout vertical blinds have become a game-changing trend for every modern household, and whether you live in a busy city or a quaint countryside village, this bedroom accessory is vital for ensuring your get as much sleep as possible. If you’re looking to make your room as dark as possible so that nothing disturbs your slumber, check out the Lifestyleblinds blog for expert advice on how to choose the right blinds. 

Go one step further and install dimmable lights in your room to control how your room feels so that you can create a softer and more peaceful atmosphere before bed. 

New Mattress

One of the most important aspects of your bedroom is the mattress, and a well-made mattress is not only essential for a good night’s sleep but for the health of your back. If your current mattress doesn’t provide you with the necessary support for your body, you may develop pain, and this is an indication that it is time to replace your mattress.  

Temperature Control

While the bedding, blinds, and mattress will make a significant impact on your bedroom, temperature plays a key role in how soundly you sleep at night. Overnight your body needs to lose head, and this is primarily done through the head and face, which are typically the only areas of your body that are uncovered and why your room should be kept cool to facilitate this heat loss. However, if your room is too warm or your duvet is too thick, it can be more challenging for your body to lose heat which can result indisturbed sleep. 

Remove Technology

In today’s modern world, technology is a constant aspect of our daily lives, but in order to transform your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary, try removing the technology from your bedroom. Many people turn to their devices as a way to relax before bed; however, this can actually be detrimental to your sleep as it affects the health of your brain, which in turn impacts the quality of your sleep. 

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