Gift Inspo: A Look at the Lexi Tennis Bracelet by CARAT London

Did you know I have a fondness for delicate, feminine jewellery?

So much so, I even used to run my own small online jewellery and accessories boutique for a while!

I have a particular soft spot for ‘arm candy’ – always drawn to bangles, bracelets and wrist wraps, so I was absolutely thrilled when leading fashion jewellery house CARAT London got in touch to see if I would like to sample an exquisite tennis bracelet.

CARAT London was founded in 2003 and has lead the way in offering more sustainable lab-created gemstones. Luxurious yet wearable, it’s no surprise that their gentle diamonds have a celebrity following. Perfect to embellish a day or evening look, you can rely on pieces from CARAT London to make you look and feel great.

Despite owning lots of bracelets over the years, I’ve never had a classic tennis bracelet before, although have long admired them. I chose the slimline Lexi bracelet which is an ultra sophisticated design featuring a beautiful lariat detail.

Looping it around the wrist, you pull the slim box chain to adjust the round slider clasp. Once secured, it doesn’t slip and it allows the two lengths of chain to trail delicately down the wrist, something which gives the traditional tennis bracelet a fresh and modern twist.

I think that the wrists are a very sensual part of the body and drawing attention to them with beautiful jewellery is pretty sexy!

I love the versatility too, as you can wear this piece with any outfit – of course it’s perfect for an evening out, teamed with a little black dress, sequins or velvet… But add it to a simple jeans and t-shirt/knitwear combo, and suddenly an ordinary weekend look is elevated.

This for me is the essence of great style – something I can put on knowing it will always look fabulous, no matter what! You could layer it up too, with a whole party of bracelets!

As my preference is for cool tones when it comes to jewellery, the sterling silver CARAT London Lexi bracelet with its white gold finish is perfect for me. The stones are exclusively hand-cut and offer an immaculate appearance when it comes to colour, clarity and brilliance, giving the piece a truly gorgeous sparkle. The bracelet is presented in a gift box and what an amazing gift it makes – anyone would feel lucky to receive this special piece of jewellery under the Christmas tree this year!

Thank you to CARAT London for the opportunity to showcase a part of their collection. This post contains affiliate links so if you click and make a purchase I may receive a small commission… However it won’t cost you anything and it helps me to run this website 🙂

© Copyright 2021 Antonia, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tidylife
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