5 ways to make more space at home

Most people wish that they had larger rooms in their homes or more space in general to move around. Recent events have shown that it can be difficult to live in a home with limited space – particularly if you’re not able to move house.

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According to a study, 72% of people are looking to extend their homes or add extra space outdoors. So, how can you create more space in your existing home?

Add an extension or loft conversion

The ideal way to create more space at home is to add an extension to your property – but this may require capital investment and planning permission. An extension offers you the flexibility of a completely new space, in which you can do whatever you want. If you want to add an extension or loft conversion to your property, investing in an electric radiator is a good way to heat the space without having to extend your existing utility systems.


Everyone has things lying around that they don’t use and don’t need to keep. Getting rid of these is a great way to free up additional space and can make rooms look bigger. Clutter on floor spaces and work surfaces can quickly make a space feel restricted, so tidying these areas up will make a significant difference in the feel of your home.

Upgrade your storage

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Smart storage solutions, either DIY or purchased, can be an innovative way to free up space without throwing things out. Whether you utilise space that has never been used before or buy a new piece of furniture with built-in storage, smart storage can save you valuable space and make your rooms look tidier.

Review your furniture arrangements

It is easy to be lazy when it comes to changing or replacing old furniture, but this process can often save you space and give your rooms a new lease of life. Sometimes a double bed can be replaced with a sofa bed, or you could replace 2 smaller sofas with one larger one to save floor space.

Invest in outdoor storage

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If you are graced with outdoor space, why not buy some outdoor storage to free up some room in the house. Whether it’s a summer house, garden office or shed, outdoor storage is a cost-effective way to increase your storage space without making drastic changes in your home.

Adding or freeing more space in your home can not only make it more comfortable but may also increase the value of your property. Considering your budget and available time will give you a better idea of which solution is right for you – some options will require more work on your part and some will be more simple, but will likely cost you. How will you add space to your property?

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