How to add more sunlight into your garden

The garden is a great place for spending warm summer mornings and long hot evenings. Through the majority of the year, we spend most of our time indoors, so when the time comes to spend time outside, we should grab it with both hands!

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However, while your garden might be south facing, it does not guarantee that you are going to get plenty of sun because you might not be utilising your garden correctly. So, let us help you to increase the amount of sunlight you get, making your garden a place that you want to spend time in.

Paint Walls and Fencing White

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Have a look around your garden and see if you have any sheds, fencing or walls that could be painted white. We know that white reflects light which makes it the ideal colour to use throughout your garden. It is a simple change that can transform your garden and help to increase the amount of light you get.

Consider Your Paving

This might not be something you have considered but it should be! While you might think that slate coloured paving slabs or chippings look good, they will not work well to add more light to your garden. Therefore, you should avoid dark colours as they will not enhance the amount of light you receive in the same way as lighter materials would.

Trim Trees or Hedges

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It is quite surprising how much sunlight can be blocked by overgrown hedges and trees. Whether it is the height of the day or sunset, having your bushes and trees cut accordingly can help to maximise the amount of light. While you might be able to trim hedges and bushes yourself, you might want to think about using professionals such as  Chelmsford tree surgeons when it comes to cutting trees. An expert will be able to think of the crown and remove a high percentage of branches while maintaining the natural look of the tree.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors are commonly used within the home to scatter light around dark spaces, and the garden is no different! There are a number of mirrored objects that you can install in your garden to help add more light. You can use standard shaped mirrors on walls or even round ball-style mirrors to scatter light around the garden. However, you should avoid magnifying mirrors and pointing a number of mirrors in the same direction as it could potentially lead to a fire on a hot day.

Install a Water Feature

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

A water feature can work like mirrors in a way, as the water can reflect the sunshine but also the sky back into the garden which instantly adds a whole new level of light. When you design a water feature with thought and attention to detail, perhaps with a pooling element, you will find that it will enhance the light in your garden in many different ways.

So, your garden does not have to be a dull space that lacks any light or character. You can do a number of things to improve the amount of sunlight it gets, making it a beautiful place to spend time in.

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