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Eyebrow Inspiration: 6 Different Ways to Enhance Your Brows

Eyebrow trends have always been around, variously alternating between thin and drawn on, sleek and groomed or thick, unruly and ‘au natural’.  It’s true that eyebrows frame our eyes, which is why they get so much focus and attention. A nice pair of brows will undoubtedly accentuate the eyes.

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But these days there seems to be an obsession with achieving the perfect brow – it seems ‘bad brows’ just aren’t allowed! Instagram is filled with pictures of extremely groomed, high definition  eyebrows and it’s not just the beauty bloggers and insta-famous people that are fixated with having their brows ‘on fleek’ – it has filtered down to the rest of us and as a result there’s a booming corner of the beauty industry, offering a vast and quite confusing array of products and treatments available for all of us to try – whether you fancy a straightforward tidy up or a more extreme brow makeover.

Those of my generation who were perhaps tempted to over pluck (Pamela Anderson style) in the 90s may be regretting it now and would like to restore some of their former lush and lustrous brow hairs.  Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help us improve and enhance our eyebrows  – lets take a look at 6 different options:

Home Tinting

Eyebrow inspirationBrow-tinting involves dying the eyebrows to add some depth and definition, but mainly to make them appear fuller.  It works by tinting not only the main brow hairs, but also some of those outer, lighter or blonde tipped hairs around the brow that you don’t normally notice, which helps to add volume to the eyebrows.  The good thing is it frees you from needing to apply make up to your brows.  However the results only tend to last 3-6 weeks before needing to be done again.  But it is a quick and painless procedure – plus tinting is one of the cheaper options out there. You can do it yourself at home with a kit if you feel confident enough.

High Definition (HD) Brows

‘HD Brows’ tend to be the favoured choice of celebs and it’s a 7 step salon process that shapes and designs your eyebrows, involving  tinting, waxing, trimming, make up and more to create the ultimate ‘high definition’ brow.  It’s the full VIP service for your brows, especially if you like the flawless, full on celebrity look and it is a service that’s tailored to suit your face.


Microblading has become a very popular eyebrow enhancement recently, also sometimes referred to as microfeathering and microshading. Essentially, this is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo, applied just below the surface of the skin, aimed at reshaping and enhancing existing eyebrows. Many beauty salons offer the service, which can make finding a reputable practitioner more difficult. Do your research and take the time to get personal recommendations and seek out trained and qualified practitioners for this enhancement. You need to factor in a little discomfort during the procedure and recovery time afterwards (in terms of apppearance as there will be some scabbing) before your brows are revealed to their full potential.

Eyebrow Extensions

You’ve heard of eyelash extensions, well eyebrow extensions aren’t too dissimilar.  A technician will apply artificial brow hairs, gluing them either to the skin or to the existing hairs near their roots.  But beware, you could be sitting for over an hour and they don’t last very long – some people say only a week – depending on how you look after them (you need to avoid rubbing them, putting make up on them or washing your face vigorously).  They are pricey too, so probably best saved for a special occasion.


Eyebrow threading

If you are blessed with a good brow, all you may need is a little eyebrow shaping. An ancient Indian hair removal technique, threading is a really popular way to achieve beautifully sculpted brows. Cotton threads are twisted across the eyebrow to tweeze out the unwanted hairs at the root and create shape and definition. It may be a little eye watering but the results are good! This service is available in salons and beauty departments/stores.

Eyebrow Make Up

Anyone can improve their eyebrow shape simply by using make up.  A brow pencil is a tried and tested way to create an outline and fill in any gaps, intensify colour and shape brows easily without committing to anything more permanent.  There are handy compacts that contain wax and powder – smooth on some wax with the angled brush provided then work in the powder to enhance those brows. Powder gives quite a soft look, so you may prefer a creamier brow pomade which is a waterproof colour that gives a more intense, HD style result. It usually comes in a little pot with a small brush, so you can use individual strokes to imitate brow hairs.  Also check out tinted brow gels which are a quick and easy way to apply colour to your brows with a wand, much like a mascara – some products also contain fibres to fluff out eyebrows and make them appear fuller. Many of the cosmetic counters in department stores will offer a free eyebrow lesson if you feel you need some guidance, although they will of course also be keen to sell you their products. There are plenty of cheap and cheerful ‘off the counter’ eyebrow make-up products in the high street stores or online if you fancy experimenting.

Why not check out some online tutorials – e.g. you could try PixiwooHuda Beauty, Lisa Eldridge for beautiful brow inspiration!

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*Editor’s note: this post was originally published in 2017 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness

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