Retro book case

5 different storage ideas for the living room

I think most of us agree that you can never have too much storage space in the house, yet this doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and play with geometry, colour and material. There are so many places you can get inspiration from, starting with online photos and experienced designers who share their knowledge with the public and ending with online furniture stores which are providing you with unique furnishing solutions for home.

When it comes to the living room you should always make sure to keep it airy, not overly packed with furniture items.  That doesn’t mean to say you don’t need storage space in the living room too, but there are clever and original ideas for you to add storage capacity to the room while customising the space to better fit your lifestyle and your needs.  Since we have mentioned the fact that there are several places for you to get inspiration from, how about these five items which have a personality of their own and add a visual twist to your living room.

Wooden Coffee Table

Coffee table on wheelsCrafted from salvaged wood and finished with resilient satin lacquer, this coffee table has the aspect of a treasure chest and is placed on chunky wheels, making it easy to move around across the room. What I love about it is the design and the fact that it opens up for additional storage area.

Chest of Four Drawers

Wicker drawersManufactured from natural wood, the basket like drawers are a modern take on the traditional chest drawers. What I absolutely love is the fact that you can take the whole drawer out, making it easier to store items inside or pick whatever item you want from within. Not to mention it comes at a very good price. This piece is both practical and affordable.

Charming Willow Storage Bench

Butterfly Ottoman

Needless to say, the butterfly pattern caught my eye.  This is totally a statement piece in any home.  If I could choose three words to best describe this living room furniture piece those words would be gorgeous, cheerful and practical. This bench brings out the inner child and I love that.

Side Table

Ethical furniture

Made out of recycled teak samplings with a dry sealed finish this side table can bring a piece of nature to any home. This product is an expression of modern design. Being crafted from recycled wood this is an environmentally friendly furniture item and I believe this aspect should be taken into consideration, too.

Walnut Bookcase

Retro book case

If you have a tendency to run out of room for all your books, this bookcase with its retro vibe and geometrical shapes might be a good match for your living room. You can also store your DVDs in there, whether they have music, films or games on, making it easy to grab and play one at the end of a long day.

Having both plenty of storage space and a breezy living room might seem difficult at first glance, yet there are so many solutions for every home, every style and every budget. If you liked the ones above and you are looking for more inspiration, why not have a browse through Furniture in Fashion’s variety of living room furniture, and don’t forget, it’s your home and by finding inspiration you can make it as creative and stylish as you want and furnish it the way you love.

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