8 Ways to Make the Most of Small Spaces

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Many of us can feel we lack space at home, especially in modern houses.  But with some creative thinking and interior know-how you can really make the most of your small spaces.  Read on for some useful tips and tricks in today’s guest post:

Whether you’re living in a chic city apartment or a first family home, putting your individual stamp on a property can be difficult to achieve if you’re limited for space.  Follow these helpful tips to add personal touches to your home while giving the illusion of space, and create useful storage points without adding clutter.

  1. Extend curtain rails beyond the window frames. When your curtains are open they won’t sit in front of the window, it will allow in more light and draws the eye outward. If you cover your windows up, you’ll make the room appear smaller.
  2. Attach small bedside tables to the wall. Not only does it raise the height of the table so you can reach it easier but you can also place a basket underneath for additional storage. Use reliable tools to fix them securely as they can be heavy and will likely be taking the weight of books and table lamps too. An electric drill, spirit level, screws, wallplugs and a screwdriver will do the job.
  3.  Add another rail in your wardrobe. Using pvc pipe and some rope you can easily add a second clothing bar to you closet. Perfect for small apartments or if you have young children who struggle to reach the top bar. Why not use a tension shower curtain rod allowing you to adjust the height as needed.
  4.  A corner sofa will give you more seating space and take up less room than having a small sofa and an armchair. You’ll open up half your room with free space and will be utilising a corner which is often left empty or filled with clutter anyway.
  5.  Use mirrors and glass to create the illusion of space and bring more light into the room. A large mirror over your fireplace can transform the room. Again, this is one for the drill and some large screws as mirrors can be very heavy.
  6.  Use your vertical space above the toilet to hang shelves. Use decorative boxes on the shelves to contain/hide the clutter. These floral boxes from Debenhams are so pretty and will hold plenty.
  7.  Trade a frosted-glass bath or shower door for a clear glass one. Being able to see through the glass will open your whole bathroom up.
  8.  Choose clever furniture: a sofa bed in your lounge that doubles up a guest bed when needed; a nest of tables that can be neatly stacked away when only one is needed, or an ottoman that opens up for storage. We love this stylish silver two-drawer night stand by Dunelm.
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