Watch Out For These Dangers In Your Home

It’s only natural that people want to feel safe in their homes. After all, if you can’t feel safe at home, then life can become extremely stressful a lot of the time. There is enough pressure and danger in the world outside which is why our homes should be a safe haven, somewhere to recharge our batteries and shut off from life’s external problems.  

Home maintenance to avoid dangers in the home

This is why it’s so shocking just how many homes might be secretly putting people at risk. There is a surprising number of dangers that face typical residents and homeowners every single day. Some of the things are incredibly difficult to notice but can have serious, long-lasting consequences. 

The good news, though, is that these kinds of dangers are usually fairly easy to avoid, once identified. Here are some of the ways people’s homes could be putting them at risk on a daily basis.


Many residents and homeowners assume that asbestos is no longer an issue and that they simply don’t need to worry about it. Sadly this is not the case. It is true that asbestos was banned in 1977, but this means that any property build before that point potentially contains asbestos in a variety of locations. When it becomes airborne, asbestos can present significant health risks to anyone who is exposed to it, including putting them at risk of developing certain cancers later in life. The most common danger from asbestos is when it becomes airborne. This means that you could have been living in your home for a long time with no problem, but as soon as any area of your home containing asbestos, such as insulations, begins to break down it can become airborne and, therefore, dangerous. If you are renovating your home soon, don’t assume it is safe; look into any risk of airborne asbestos in your home and discuss concerns with your builder and take expert advice to be absolutely safe.


Once again this is a more common problem among older properties, but that doesn’t mean that more recent ones can’t also have the same issue. Damp is not only a major inconvenience, but can also present a danger to your health. For one thing, damp provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Damp and mould can affect the immune system. It doesn’t matter how much you clean, if your home offers a damp environment, then bacteria is going to be able to thrive. Keeping the exteriors of your home protected is a great way to avoid damp. Looking at exterior wall coatings reviews can help you find the best company to hire in order to keep your home as well protected as possible. Don’t assume that just because you’ve removed a damp area that the root cause isn’t still there somewhere. Gutters blocked with fallen leaves, for example, can cause a leak down the brickwork outside that may go unnoticed for a while and this can be a cause of damp.

Many property owners and agents work very hard to avoid these issues, but there is always the risk that something could end up getting missed. If you are planning on moving to a new property, make sure to have an independent surveyor look over the entire place to make sure that there are no risks to the health or safety of both you and your family.

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