A Guide To Decorating New Build Homes

Moving into a property that is a blank canvas can be jarring at first, but the journey to making the home your own will be a joy. Before you get stuck in, follow this guide to decorating new build homes to avoid potential pitfalls and enhance your interior design decisions.

Analyse the property

When you are choosing your new build home, analyse the property.

Look at the layout to assess the size of the rooms and identify any in-built storage. This will help to inform your decisions when you come to decorate and furnish the house further down the line.

Some new build property developers allow buyers to personalise their fittings and fixtures. This might include the countertop materials, the shape of your sinks, and the colour of your carpets.

Let the house settle

Once you have moved in, let the house settle before you start decorating.

The drying out process for new build homes can take up to a year as there is emulsion paint sitting on top of fresh plaster. During this time, minor shrinkage may occur which causes small cracks to appear in the walls. It is therefore best to wait twelve months before applying wallpaper or paint.

The same is true of new woodwork. This will absorb a lot of paint and stain if not totally dry.

Figure out your style

The secret to good interior design is to have consistency across all of your spaces. This means that you need to figure out your style before you start decorating each room.

Browse different interior design options online to get an idea of what you like and dislike. For example, are you drawn to the clean lines of minimalism, the rawness of industrial architecture, or the rich colours and varied textiles of bohemian style?

Once you have identified your key preferences, make sure that these act as the foundations for your decoration in each room of the property.

Choose the furniture

The main focus of any room is the furniture. This means that it should be prioritised when you decorate your house.

Beds are the most important consideration. Think about the size and height of the base and the comfort and coolness of the mattress. Underbed storage options may prove useful, especially in children’s bedrooms.

Other key pieces of furniture include sofas and armchairs and a dining table set or breakfast stools for the bar. If you will be working from home, don’t forget to include a desk and suitable chair.

Develop your lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements of home design. This is because it has the power to influence the eye and set a specific mood. Use these ideas for lighting in every room of the house to take your interiors to the next level.

Upgrading the lighting in your living area is particularly important to ensure warmth and cosiness, especially in the winter months. This will involve adding lamps which create a soft glow and add more depth and dimension to the space.

You could also make overhead lighting dimmable rather than leaving it as a one-size-fits-all solution.

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