decluttered home

Need to declutter? Read this first!

As human beings, we collect things.  It just seems to be in our nature, in our DNA; most of us don’t even realise we’re doing it!  But sometimes accumulating too much clutter, objects or just “stuff” can be detrimental to our health.  Experts recommend having a good clear out every month or so, in order to keep on top of any excessive collecting or hoarding.

decluttered home

If you feel completely overwhelmed at the idea of tackling your seemingly endless closets full of clothes and cupboards full of “sentimental” junk, then read this first.  Here you’ll find some top tips on how to clear your clutter and your mind:

Decide where to begin

This basically means, tackling your clutter one room at a time.  Not starting in the living room and then moving to the bedroom when the job is only half done.  Once you’ve chosen your starting point, decide if you’re going to need a more permanent solution to help keep the room tidy once you’ve decluttered.  Think pretty storage baskets or shelving; if you need some bathroom storage inspiration, check out better bathrooms.

Stop the flow

Try to free yourself from the “desire to acquire”.  After all, there is no point in decluttering if you’re simply going to replace your stuff with new stuff.  Start this process by stemming the flow of items that are coming into your home.  Just because your sister offers you a bag full of her old clothes, doesn’t mean you have to take them.  And try to resist those sneaky sale items – start this today!

Begin with the easy stuff first.  If you intend to dive headfirst into a box full of mementos, then you’re already destined to fail.  It makes sense to start with the easier items first.  That pile of books that you read through last summer, that salt and pepper shaker set from your mother-in-law that has never been used.  If you choose the easier items first, you’ll make more headway in your battle against the clutter.

Don’t feel guilty

This point is closely linked to the one above.  Yes, your Great Aunt gave you her old cat ornaments, and you might get around to using that twenty-year-old hand whisk from the lady across the road, but you should only fill your homes with the things you love and the things you will use.  Don’t let overthinking, guilt or other people dictate what you should have in your home.  If these items now belong to you – then they are yours to do with as you wish!


Ask yourself this: do you live in a home or a hotel?  It can be easy to become overrun with piles of towels, bed linen, bedding, crockery and cutlery.  Be realistic.  Yes, there might be an occasion where you have lots of guests over, but if you need extra bedding/linen – simply ask them to bring their own.  At least you won’t have a mountain of washing to tackle when they leave!

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