A Guide To Finding Your Perfect Family Car 

Finding the right car is difficult at all stages of life, whether you are buying your first vehicle, treating yourself to an upgraded model, or downsizing after the children have flown the nest. Each situation throws up its own set of unique considerations that must be factored into the purchase, and the overwhelming volume of vehicles in the market makes it difficult to filter out a suitable shortlist.  

It is not only the quantity of models available that leaves so many people outfaced when buying a car: around 60% of adults do not understand typical car jargon, leaving them uncertain about vehicle functionality and which design characteristics they really need – and therefore unsure of which car features are worth investing in. 

Finding your perfect family car is particularly challenging as there are so many additional elements that need to be prioritised when choosing a vehicle for travelling with children, such as spaciousness, easy-to-clean interiors, and safety features. As a parent you are also short of time, so browsing the hundreds of car makes and models on the market is out of the question.  

Save precious time and use this guide to find your perfect family car. Browse brands by requirement and discover the best vehicle options for you, from the latest models to money-saving second-hand cars. 

Best cars for safety 

Safety is always the top priority for any parent when it comes to looking after their children. According to the recent survey conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety earlier this year, Hyundai Motor Group boast the safest vehicles on the market followed by ever-reliable Volkswagen. As a general rule, larger and heavier models are the safest vehicles because they offer the most protection in an accident, but there are comparable lighter options such as the Kia K5.  

Most affordable family cars 

Especially if you are intending to use your car for short journeys in the main, consider choosing a second-hand vehicle. With a wide range of popular classic brands like used Peugeot cars for sale, you can enjoy significant savings on purchase price and running costs without sacrificing any of the essentials needed for a family vehicle.  

When prioritising affordability, don’t forget to assess how economical the vehicle is. Particularly given the current fuel crisis, which is affecting countries from around the globe, it is advisable to verify the efficiency of your car by checking the average miles per gallon. 

Most reliable brands 

When you are raising children and juggling the school run and extra-curricular activities around your commute, the last thing you need is frequent faults that temporarily put your car out of action. Most dependable brand was awarded to Lexus by What Car? last year, with budget brand Dacia close behind. Toyota also has a long history of awards to its name when it comes to reliability. 

Best models for space and storage 

From heading to the airport for your summer holiday to visiting relatives at Christmas, generous boot space is an essential requirement for a family car. Luxury brands like Audi and BMW are leaders in this category, with Kia and Peugeot offering cheaper options with almost as much space. It is also a good idea to think about backseat legroom, particularly if you have older children who are set to do a large amount of growing in a short space of time! 

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