Add Value To Your Home With A Retractable Louvred Roof

I’ve always loved the look of pergolas in gardens; they are luxurious, elegant and somewhat practical, giving a little bit of shade during those warm, summer days that we all love. The only thing about pergolas that may put me off from getting one is the British weather, something that we cannot change, unfortunately.

Having a traditional pergola, especially here in the north where it rains a lot, the number of times we’d be able to enjoy it is minimal. So, when I found out about Designer Shade Solutions and their custom-made modern pergolas – I was totally intrigued!

modern pergola

Designer Shade retractable roofs in the UK are modern versions of pergolas that feature retractable and tilting louvred roofs that can easily open when the weather is nice, close if it starts to rain or simply tilt for some shade. With their modern pergolas, it seems that you get the best of both worlds: a stunning and modern pergola plus a weatherproof shelter that you can use every day, no matter the weather.

Fashion Mommy shares the same love for pergolas that I have, saying in a recent blog post how “traditional and modern pergolas will look incredible in any garden space.” Her article also adds that pergolas offer privacy, add value to your property and can add definition to your outdoor area, and I think so too! How good would a pergola look enhancing an outdoor dining area or a relaxing space in your garden?

Plus, these modern pergolas are specially crafted to your requirements – would you prefer a modern pergola as an extension to your current living space? Done. Perhaps you’d like some lighting or some heating? Done and done. Designer Shade Solutions’ retractable pergolas are the perfect solution for an indoor/outdoor retreat that you can use all year round. Mummy Vs Work is as excited about these pergolas as I am, saying “It seems like it will be alfresco eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner! And nobody, not even the weather, can tell me otherwise.”

Another great thing about these pergolas is that these can be customised with glass side screens, such as windows and doors, and easily operated by radio-controlled systems that can be automated to react to the different weather changes. What do you think of these modern pergolas?

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