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An Affordable Way to Get Beautiful Stone Flooring

discount flooring depotIf you are looking for new flooring for your house, you are spoilt for choice. Whatever materials you want to finish your floors in, these days you can easily get your hands on what you need. The only problem is that some styles of flooring are expensive.

Real Stone vs Stone Effect Laminate Flooring

If you fancy a stone floor for your kitchen you will have to be prepared to pay a high price for it. Prices start at around £30 per square foot and for many families that is costly and out of their price range.

Of course, a stone floor is potentially worth paying a lot for as it is very durable.  There are stone floors in use around the world that have been down for literally hundreds of years, after all.  However, the fact that a lot of people change their kitchen every decade or so means that an expensive floor is likely to be torn up during the makeover. So the fact that it could last for a hundred years is not really a primary consideration and some might say it doesn’t make sense to pay so much for a floor that is unlikely to stay down for good.

But that doesn’t mean you should dismiss the idea of a stone finish for your home. If it’s what you really want, there is a way to get it without breaking the bank.  It is possible to achieve that same sophisticated look by buying stone effect laminate flooring. You can find a good selection of this type of flooring at Discount Flooring Depot. It looks great, but costs a fraction of what you would have to pay for a real stone floor.

Durable and Easy to Lay

The great thing about this flooring is that it is really easy to lay. Just take a look at this video to see what we mean.

A modern laminate floor is also very durable. Of course, it is not as tough as a real stone floor, but it will easily last for years. This is borne out by the fact that the best companies offer extensive warranties on their laminated products.

Virtually Any Design Available

Regardless of what look you are after, laminate flooring is a good option. This is because it comes in a wide range of designs.

Because the top layer of the floor is effectively a photograph that is applied to the composite planks, which means any pattern can be recreated.  That photo finish is protected by a clear, but tough laminate, which makes the floor highly durable.

When we say any design, we do mean any design. There are even firms out there that will make you a customised laminate floor.

So, whether you want a stone, tile or wooden floor, choosing laminate flooring is a good way to get one. There are hundreds of options available in every shade, colour or pattern allowing you to create the exact look you want.

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