3 great ideas to turn your unused garage into an extra living-space

simple-roomMany garages are small, dark spaces that no longer store your car, and instead are left to fill up year on year with all the stuff that you know you should throw away but just haven’t got round to.

Believe it or not, that gloomy, forgotten space can be turned into an extra room, with just a little bit of work and the right inspiration. Though a garage can look dark and uninviting, the key to turning it into a brighter space fit for living is to keep the interior light, the clutter to a minimum, and the lines clean.

We have asked the concrete garage professionals at Lidget to give us some ideas to turn an unused garage into a lovely extra living-space.

Guest Room

If space is an issue in your home then turning your garage into an extra guest room could solve this. Paint the walls in calm, muted tones such as whites, creams, pale blues or cool greys – this will help lighten the often dark and gloomy space, especially if there is no way for you to get natural light into the room. If you are able to, then remove the garage doors (as long as you can access the garage via the inside of the house, of course), and replace them with a wall to ceiling window so light will flood in. Regarding furniture, less really is more. Guests only need a small chest and/or wardrobe, and the less furniture the more spacious the room will appear. Try a frameless and headless bed to also maximise your space, and save money as well. For the flooring, wooden floorboards can be the best option; they look gorgeous, are incredibly easy to clean, and will give the illusion of space too.

Garden Room

A garden room is the perfect place to retreat to when the hubbub of your home gets too much. A place that you can go to throughout the year to work, read or just relax. The key to creating the perfect room is to keep the space light and airy. Repaint the walls in pastel shades like soft blues or fawn, and fill with fresh flowers and indoor plants. Flowing fabrics, soft lighting (occasional lamps, fairy lights) and cushions will create a tranquil atmosphere where you can relax.

Library Room

As the winter sets in there is nothing quite like snuggling into a blanket, hot chocolate in hand, reading your favourite book. And where better to do this than in your very own library room. This is incredibly easy to achieve in your garage too.  To store your books, and create an impressive feature in the room, build a floor to ceiling book shelf on one or two walls – painting the shelves a light colour like white (rather than opting for a traditional library look with dark wood) may seem boring but it will keep the room bright and spacious. You can create warmth with lighting; eschew garish overhead lighting in favour of low level styles like table and floor lamps. You will still be able to see to read your books but the atmosphere will be warm and inviting, rather than clinical and cold. Finally, add some comfortable leather reading chairs, or sofas, so you can truly relax.

If you are not lucky enough to have your own garage to turn into a gorgeous usable space, then you can start from scratch and design your very own. Lidget has a wide variety of concrete garages and garden rooms to choose from, which to fit your needs to a maximum so you can create the garden room of your dreams.

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