Back to School: Ideas To Make Time For Yourself Again

It’s that time of year, again. The summer has come and gone and you’ve probably got a lot more time to yourself. Whether you work or you’re in charge of holding the fort at home, it’s important to have some you-time now the kids are back at school for the next few weeks. After all, you’ve surely earned it over the summer break. Here are some ways to do just that.

Have a day out

If you’ve been ferrying the kids around over the holidays, you may appreciate a trip for you and your partner, with friends or just yourself. This could be a shopping day or an adventure to explore a new city. Why not splash out on some first-class train tickets to really treat yourself?

There are so many things to see and do around the country or even just in your local vicinity if you don’t fancy travelling far.

Treat yourself to a spa day

A spa experience is many people’s epitome of R&R. After a potentially hectic 6 weeks, a little bit of pampering might be the perfect thing for you. Book yourself in overnight or just for a day session, depending on when you’re needed back home.

Get the full works with massages, face treatments and hot tubs or just rest and relax with a glass of bubbly around the pool. This is your time, so make the most of it.

Indulge in self-care

Self-care is something many of us don’t do enough these days. As parents, the summer holidays can be focused more on the kids than anything else, so September is the time to change that.
You may not want to treat yourself to a spa day, but you can still indulge in other ways including a soothing bath, quiet time with your favourite book or a night in front of the TV binging movies or shows. Whatever feels right, just do it.

Get out and exercise

There’s no doubt that exercise has brilliant benefits for your mental and physical wellbeing, but it’s also a restorative activity for many parents.
A gentle jog in the city, a hike through the countryside or a long-distance cycle can help give you some breathing space from life back home. You can also enjoy your own company for a while, which we all enjoy every now and again.

Whatever you feel like doing, making time for yourself now the kids are back to school is vital for your own wellbeing. Make the most of it!

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