How to Make a Living Without Being Employed

There are times in our working lives when we might find ourselves unemployed. With unemployment high across the UK right now, many people are in this boat.

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Making an income when you’re out of work might seem impossible, but there are many income streams to explore.

So, if you’re between jobs, taking a sabbatical, having a career break, or retraining for a career change, you might want to make some extra money.

Below, we offer up some ways to make an extra income when you find yourself without work.

Selling your belongings

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We all have too much stuff. If you find yourself suddenly unemployed, you could make some quick cash by selling your pre-loved belongings.

Sites such as Gumtree, eBay and Depop are fantastic resources for making some extra cash. You can sell your unwanted clothing and household goods and generate some extra cash.

Starting a blog

If you have a flair for writing or a hobby that you’re particularly passionate about, why not share it with the world through a blog?

You can monetise blogs through advertising and make yourself some spare cash while you work on your passion.

When you have built enough authority through your blog, brands may want to partner with you and pay you for promoting their products or services.

Forex trading

Getting yourself on the right forex trading platform could be a great way to make money while you’re unemployed.

Do some research into how forex trading works and make use of the MT4 download to get started on a trading platform.


If you have transferable digital skills, you could make some extra money doing some freelance jobs online. Copywriting and digital marketing skills are usually in high demand.

If your proficient in using Adobe creative software, you could also pick up lucrative jobs doing design work for freelance clients.

Doing odd jobs

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If you are at a loose end while in between jobs, you could make some money by doing odd jobs for people.

These could include cleaning jobs, helping people with DIY tasks or fixing things around the house. You can advertise your services locally online and only take the jobs you want to do.

Whether you are taking a career break or in the midst of a career change, there are many ways you can generate income while not in full-time employment.

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