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Bedding and Bedspread Tips for a Small Bedroom

Small bedrooms can be tricky to decorate. Too much obvious styling and accessories can make the room look over-crowded, and just one wrong note can upset the look of the whole room. With small spaces, everything should be well thought out and and this is even more important when it comes to your bedding, especially the bedspread as it is a large element of the bedroom.

Bedding first has to be comfortable to sleep on, but that’s not the only factor.  The design and colour are both important to get right, as the way your room looks impacts strongly on how you feel about it – and who wants their bedroom to be unwelcoming or scruffy? Here’s how to make the most of your small bedroom:

Textured Bedspreads Add Interest

Do not be afraid of trying out different textured fabrics for your bedspread – it is a quick and easy way of adding intimacy and interest, especially in a small room that’s dominated by the bed. Aran knit throws, quilted bedspreads, and even heavy brocade covers can all help to layer up and style a room.  Yorkshire Linen can help you find the perfect quilted bedspreads – why not browse the rest of their range while you are visiting the site?

Bedding Colours

Why don’t you choose several bedding sets for your bedroom, so you always have spares, making sure to match the colour scheme to the rest of the room. By co-ordinating the interior style and colour palette, especially in a small room you’ll help to harmonise the space and bring everything together, so it is pleasing on the eye.  Your bedding is a highly element of your bedroom, so it’s important get the colours and the design right.

Colour Block Bedspread

A great way to open up a small room is to opt for a bedspread that is predominantly one shade or even a solid block of colour. This helps to make the room look bigger, essentially through an optical illusion.  Whereas a room can tend to look smaller when you opt for a busy fabric with mulitple patterns and colours in your bedspread, colour blocking is a good technique to bring a more harmonious and streamlined look, drawing everything together nicely.  Busy patterns are more jarring on the eye and have a tendency to break up the flow of the room, which you want to avoid with a small space, so colour blocking is a great alternative.

Team Your Bedspread with Cushions

Once you have your textured, one-colour bedspread, you might feel that your bedroom is lacking a certain something. Add warmth and an inviting atmosphere to any bedroom by piling on the cushions and throws. The smaller the room, the less clutter you should have, so take care not to go overboard and completely cover your bedspread – which breaks up the room in much the same way as a patterned fabric might. Just two or three cushions are enough to infuse a room with a welcoming and friendly touch that might otherwise be lacking.

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