Create a Statement Wall With Reclaimed Wood Panels

Do you ever feel like your home is in need of a statement feature?  Something that makes it stand out from the crowd – a unique design twist like no other?  If so, I think I’ve found the ultimate interior design element; fabulous reclaimed wooden wall panels from Audrini Living:

Recently launched as a brand, my heart literally skipped a beat when I saw the photos on the Audrini Living website.  I am a huge lover of natural wood and reclaimed materials in the home; I  live in a house with lots of wooden details and there is nothing quite like the warmth, cosyness and sense of calm and security that real wood brings.

With these amazing wall panels you can incorporate wood into the home in a truly original style.  They are such an innovative way to finish a room, with the panels being made from a variety of different woods that have been weathered and aged.  The result is a range of shades from silvery grey through to brown, and from yellows to black.  When used in combination they look sensational and I love the fact that, due to the unique nature of wood, no two walls will ever be identical.  It’s a great way to introduce a standout feature in your home – one of a kind.

These stunning accents walls can help to add organic texture and an inviting charm to your home:

They are chic and sophisticated when used as a feature in the bathroom, transforming a blank wall and creating a whole new look:

When used in a bedroom they add rustic warmth, infusing the space with character:

Of course this wall decor also creates a stunning effect in commercial setting such as hotels, gyms, restaurants and shops.  Planks range in size and thickness depending on the design you choose:

So you may be wondering where all this amazing wood is sourced from?  Well, some of it is new (sourced responsibly from sustainable forests) but much of it is antique, coming from carefully dismantling selected old barns in Europe to salvage high quality timber that has the desired texture and colour.  It’s a process, dismantling and de-nailing every piece to create the ultimate finishing touch for your residential or business address.

Having studied the website, it’s clear that Audrini Living offers a very wide and impressive range of designs, from simple planking to more intricate geometric cladding designs – you can browse some of the amazing patterns and colours here.  Then for just £5.99 you can buy a sample to see and feel the quality up close – and of course Audrini Living are on hand with their expertise to advise on measuring and assembly/fitting.

As with any naturally sourced product, this decorative wooden cladding presents with different features, colours, tones and even cracks in the surface.  The base of the panels is made of OSB which can be affixed to existing walls.  Some of the panels however don’t require a baseboard and the planks are glued together instead.  These panels may be used in bathrooms, but as they are a natural material, it is advisable not to use them in areas that get directly wet.
It’s not difficult to understand why interior designers, shopfitters and homeowners all love this cladding for their interior projects – it can totally change the look, feel and mood of a space, enhancing it, creating an imaginative and appealing ‘out of the ordinary’ look.  I’ve had a go at creating a little mood board to suggest a way you could style a room around one of these beautiful panelled walls – what do you think of my design?  I’ve tried to keep it laid back and casual with a bit of fun.
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Are you feeling inspired to create a design feature, such as the stunning examples in this post?  I have to say I am very tempted and am trying to work out where in my home I might possibly be able to introduce a stunning panelled wall from Audrini Living!
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