Bio Ethanol Stove: The Ecological Look-Alike Wood Stove

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Who doesn’t dream of a cosy wood burning stove to brighten up their home? There is just nothing like it – or is there? Actually, a bio ethanol stove might be the answer!

It gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling to look at the flames in the wood burning stove. However, what is not so warm and fuzzy about it is that it has a negative environmental impact. That is why an ecological look-alike wood stove might be a good alternative. 

What is a bio ethanol stove? 

Bio ethanol stoves look a lot like classic wood stoves. But do not be fooled – there is a difference! A bioethanol stove does not require a chimney or ventilation of any sort. How is that? That is because this type of stove runs on bio ethanol fuel. So, to make a lovely fire in your stove all you need is the fuel.

As it goes for traditional wood stoves you can pick from a huge variety of designs. That way you can get the exact stove you dream of for your home. The only difference is that you do not have to deal with the hassle that comes with it in terms of chimneys or ventilation – and there will not be the same environmental impact. 

Benefits of a look-alike wood stove:

  • It is environmentally friendly 
  • It is easy to use 
  • You do not need a chimney or other forms of ventilation
  • There are a lot of designs to choose from 
  • It looks almost exactly like a classic wood stove

Enjoy your fire with a clear conscience

There is no doubt that you are gonna appreciate your fireplace even more when you do not have to feel bad about using it. Today, it is not easy to just push worries about the environment into the background of our brains. In fact, we probably should not even try to do that.

Instead, it makes a lot of sense to look for ecological alternatives where we do not have to worry. Then we can just enjoy the play of the flames to the fullest, and with a clear conscience. Therefore, if you are considering getting a fireplace in your home you might look at a bio ethanol stove as an alternative. After all, it is very much like a “real” fireplace anyway. 

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