Timeless Interior Styles to Use for Your Living Room

Looking back on old interior TV shows, you can see that there are some design trends that definitely didn’t stand the test of time. But for every trend that looks awful now, there’s another that still looks amazing 10, 20, or even more years after it first emerged. If you want timeless decor, turning to the enduring interior styles that still look as good today as they did in the past is often the way to go. Even better, some older styles can easily be updated to ensure they offer timeless style while still being contemporary. Try some of the styles below for timeless interiors in your living room.

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A minimalist interior style is excellent for anyone who isn’t too fussed about having all of the bells and whistles. If clutter isn’t your thing, minimalism can help you to keep your home in order while still making it stylish. Minimalist design doesn’t have to mean creating a home that’s cold and stark or only sticking to black and white. You can make a minimalist living room look warm and welcoming. Try cutting down on furniture by choosing dual-function items and focusing on simple and organic shapes. You can also jazz up your minimalist living room with a single accent feature.

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Mid Century Modern

This interior style from the mid-20th century has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Mixing mid-century pieces with more modern furniture and decor is simple, so you can get the best of both worlds. If you’re not sure where to start, try some mid century modern chairs, which you can make the star of the show in your living room. Organic shapes and functionality are two of the hallmarks of this style, but you’ll find plenty of different options to choose from.

French Country

When you want to create a home that’s warm and homely while still being stylish, the French country style is a great option. It mixes styles such as shabby chic and farmhouse while also including some elements of antique French design. It can help your living room to look refined without making it look too opulent or too relaxed. It’s an excellent style for mixing the classical with the contemporary. Try some Louis VI chairs upholstered with modern fabric and a mix of art on the walls to give the room an eclectic feel.

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Scandinavian design is a great choice for any living room. It goes beyond IKEA, allowing you to create a clean and relaxing space that maximises light and space. It’s a good idea to start off with a white or neutral canvas, then add to your living room by adding different textures and colours. You don’t have to keep things super simple, but you should try to create a balance between all of the elements that you choose for your Scandi living room.

These timeless interior styles should help you to create a living room that will look amazing for years to come.

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