Botanical Bedroom Styling Tips

Adding plants to your room is more than just about how good it makes the space look. A botanical presence in any room can improve the air quality and work subtly on your mental health. Adding some greenery to your bedroom is both bang on trend, and it helps to create the perfect haven for sleep.  

But styling your botanical bedroom is more than just adding in a spider plant here and there, and you need to style everything so that it combines to make the best use of the beauty of houseplants. Here we offer some styling tips for your bedroom. 

Choose your paint colour carefully

Adding a plant for its air enriching and relaxing qualities might be a simple matter of placing the pot somewhere appropriate in the room. However, if you want to make a feature of the plants, you need to choose a paint scheme that draws this life to the forefront of attention.  

Consequently, using a white or ivory backdrop for your plants is the best way forward, and you will create a contrast for the greens of the leaves.   

If you feel you want to go to town on the botanical theme, choose a white duvet cover with a floral theme to draw nature into the inside of your home. 

Use of delicate prints 

Good internal design is about layering and drawing the visitor’s attention to the standout features in the room. Any wallpaper or fabrics in your room needs to have a subtle design if the plants fit within the scheme. Anything too busy could overwhelm the viewer and give little focus, losing that all-important layered look. 

Create a theme 

Going for a botanical bedroom is a catch-all phrase for bringing plant life into your sleeping space – it is not necessarily a design theme. Your choice of plants will determine the sort of theme you might want to create. For instance, adding succulents to your room could offer a funky look, quirky and fun. Alternatively, you could set up an area with more waxy leafed plants that give that tropical feel.  

When you decide on your theme, you can then accessorise to match. For instance, if you want a place of relaxation and zen, then you may want some lavender in your room and use vintage pots and soft furnishing to create the overall theme. 

Be daring 

Bringing the outside indoors is more than adding a pot plant here and there. If you want to go for it, then adding some trellis and some ivy or maybe even a small tree could give you that feeling of extravagance. When being daring in this way, be sure to use the dynamics of the plant to dictate the rest of the décor, including pastel shades, to bring that sense of relaxation. 

Alternatively, if an actual tree inside your bedroom is a step too far, then you can use the colours and prints to create the feeling you are looking for. 

Complement your health 

It might be that your health would benefit more than the décor in your room. Plants are an excellent way to improve your well-being. Therefore, rather than choosing your botanicals for the look, choose them for the benefits they bring to your health. 

Spider plants are unique filtration systems for the air in your room and can remove harmful formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air. All these toxic impurities will leave your sleeping space, leaving you to breathe much easier. 

Alternatively, you can choose plants that calm the mind and help bring down your stress levels. Lavender has properties that induce relaxation and sleep, and it not only sends you off but will keep your mind calmed as you sleep, reducing any difficult dreams that might plague your night. 

Keeping the plant healthy 

The botanical theme in your bedroom will only stay beautiful if you care for those plants. Therefore, you need to ensure they are getting adequate light, water, and the right pot. The size of the pot is essential for the continued growth of the plant, and you do not want it to become pot bound. Repotting is a wonderful opportunity to change up the look of your room and re-enliven the theme. So, while caring for the plants might be one more job, it is also a time when you can flex your creative muscles once more. 

For health, well-being, and beauty 

A botanical theme in your bedroom is more than being on-trend, and it is about creating a haven for your mind and body to get the rest to live life to the full. 

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