Tips & Advice for Moving House in 2022

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Are you planning to move house or relocate to another area in 2022? The new year is a great time for a fresh start, so here are some things to consider when selling and buying.

Are you in a Property Hotspot?

It’s worth doing your research and finding out if you are in an area that’s considered a property hotspot. In 2021 there was a great deal of demand placed on the housing market and certain areas in particular were found to be booming – places where homes were in high demand and selling quickly.

If you are lucky enough to be in one of those desirable areas that people are flocking to, you have a greater chance of a quick sale at the full asking price, which is bound to give you confidence about selling up in 2022.

The self build dream

The flip side of the above is that as properties are in such high demand, there’s a scarcity of great homes for you to buy. One alternative if you can’t find anything suitable is to go down the self build route. This exciting option means you are able to create a bespoke home that is perfect for you and your family. Once you find a plot with the ability to fulfil your self-build dream, you can do as little or as much ‘hands on’ work as you wish, especially with modern self-build packages that make it easier. Once your self-build house becomes a reality and you are excitedly counting down the days ’til moving-in date, make sure you take note of your ultimate house move checklist.

Stack the odds in your favour

When you can prove access to funds/mortgage agreed in principle/being a cash buyer these things will always help you to be the better prospect if several potential buyers are vying for the same property. If you’re a seller who is looking to buy your next property, try to position yourself out front by securing a buyer for your property in the first instance. You will be looked on more favourably by estate agents and their clients with a sale already agreed. Some people are even selling their home first and moving into rented accommodation to be in the position to swoop in when the right property comes along.

In order to get that buyer for your property in the first place, you need your home to wow viewers as soon as it comes on the market. You want it to be snapped up quickly, not stay languishing on the estate agents books which is a turn off for potential buyers. So this means staging your property right and highlighting the features that will grab buyers, be that a great kitchen diner or proximity to good schools and transport links. It doesn’t have to be a showhome, but needs to show it’s potential off.

First Time Buyer?

It can be disheartening as a first time buyer trying to get onto the property market. Saving up a big deposit can take years and in the meantime property prices are increasing. You could look into affordable housing options such as shared ownership which enables people to get on the housing ladder with a smaller mortgage and deposit. There’s more information on the Government’s Own Your Home scheme here.

The good news is that the 2022 property market is anticipated to be busy with lots more properties coming onto the market. If you are up for the move, this could be a great year to seize the opportunity!

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