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Getting on with the makeover of our boys bedroom has taken a lot longer than planned.  Because life just has a knack of getting in the way, doesn’t it?  So unfortunately the project got moved down the list of priorities, but hey – we got there eventually. Kind of!  Because the final thing to do will be to paint the floor.  We have some white floor paint that I’m dying to try, but it will be a couple more weeks before we can get on to that, so I thought I’d go with sharing what I can so far.

You probably won’t remember, but this was the room scheme I had in mind a few months ago:
boys bedroom moodboard
The bedding and Vintage Stag Head Light were sorted a while back and we also added some wood panelling wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct (£17.99 per roll) alongside the white triple bunk bed:

Wood effect wallpaper

I love the colour and detail of the wallpaper, but thought that having it on both main walls might be a little plain and I fancied introducing a pop of colour to the room, so I chose a complimentary but contrasting wallpaper – another wood effect design from Wallpaper Direct.  This one is just £15.98 a roll and has a great geometric wood panelling pattern with a nice hint of blue:

Superhero Prints

The posters you can see came from Wayfair; they’re two fantastic, high quality prints of the superheroes Spider Man and Iron Man, but in a fabulous Art Deco style which makes them less cartoonish and more arty:

Wooden Poster Frames UK

I thought they deserved framing and was thrilled to come across some fantastic magnetic print frames by Thabto at Moxton.  If you are on Pinterest, no doubt you will have noticed quite a lot of artwork displayed using lovely vintage style frames a bit like these, but I found they’re not widely available to buy in the UK – certainly not at the large size I required.  I even considered having a go at making my own, before I discovered the Thabto ones, where they come in 3 sizes (small 32cm, medium 44cm and large 62cm) and a choice of natural Ply finish (like ours), white or black.
Magnetic poster frames

They’re so easy to use as they have hidden magnets so you literally pop your print between the frames and they hold it in place.
Vintage style poster frames

They are also ready to hang by a string (although you can mount them to the wall with two screws if you prefer).  Displaying these prints turned out to be the quickest part of the makeover!

Art Deco Superhero Prints

The last thing we needed for the bedroom was an area rug and we bought this one the other day from Ikea – what an absolute bargain at £15!
Room portrait
Cheap Ikea Rug £15

So that’s it!  When I think back to how dreary and dull the bedroom was before, I’m so glad we gave the room a makeover for the boys – even if it’s not quite there yet.  As I say, I’ll do a quick final update when we paint the floor, as I think that will make a huge difference to the room.

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