Luxury Beds, Button & Sprung

Seven Secrets to Creating a Luxury Bedroom

Luxury Beds, Button & Sprung
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Of all the rooms in your home, the one where you probably deserve the most luxury is the bedroom.  After all, if the average night’s sleep is eight hours (a third of a day), that means we spend one third of our lives asleep!  Which is why you should treat yourself to a luxury bedroom, using some of the ideas outlined below:

Choose a Quality Bed

If you want to improve the quality of your sleep and add elegance to your bedroom, go for a stylish handmade bed and mattress.  As well as giving superb comfort, it will help you create that high end, ’boutique hotel’ look.   It really does pay to invest in a top notch bed; a design from the handcrafted range of beds by Button & Sprung, for example, offers pocket sprung mattresses and beautiful upholstered beds finished in top quality fabrics, so you’re sure to achieve that luxurious look.  And don’t forget to layer up the bed with sumptuous cushions and tactile throws for added texture.

Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Get the 5* hotel feel with 100% Egyptian cotton bed sheets, which are considered the finest.  You can gauge bed linens by the thread count; a higher thread count generally denotes superior quality bedding that feels extra soft and silky to the touch. The minimum thread count should be 200 for sheets, with 300-400 considered luxury quality.  (If you prefer a cotton-poly blend go for a thread count of 220 or more.)

An Area to Lounge In

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel suite, you’ll know it feels far more luxurious than a standard room because, as well as the bed area, you get a lounge to relax in.  If you have enough space in your bedroom, you could try to recreate this look.  Even adding an ottoman where you can place a tray for your morning coffee and a lush bedroom chair to sit and browse the paper will elevate your room from the ordinary to deluxe.  You’ll also have a space to enjoy at all times, not just when you are ready to sleep.

High End Decor

Luxury beds, Button & SprungYou don’t need to stick to a particular interior style to create a luxury bedroom – it can be a super modern with fitted, glossy furniture that looks high end and bespoke (even if it isn’t!) or more traditional, with antique furniture that gives a timeless quality.  Choose well made curtains with plenty of fabric (ie don’t skimp so that when you close them there are no drapes) or designer blinds for a more modern, minimal look.   Whichever you opt for, gaps that let light through or draughts are a no no!

Luxury doesn’t mean having an excess of bling; you can create a luxe feel with stunning materials such as polished concrete walls and subtle metallic accents to enhance the room.  Copper or brass light fittings and vases work well to introduce shimmering highlights and you might consider a designer wallpaper behind the bed.  Wallpapering one surface in an exclusive design is a great way to create a feature without the expense of papering the whole room.   Something like this wallpaper by Ferm Living, which I spotted just recently on the interior design blog, Making Spaces would add instant glam:

Lines Wallpaper Metallic Luxe

Artwork & Flowers

Art is very personal, but something like an oversized abstract canvas on the bedroom wall, or a collection of beautiful prints can really enhance the space and give it an exclusive feel.  Use wall art to pull the room’s colour scheme together and it will look like you’ve had a designer come in and work their charm.   Meanwhile, a sweet smelling bedroom will add an air of romance, whether you choose the luxury of fresh flowers or an expensive-smelling reed diffuser.

Button & Sprung padded headboard

Enhance the Comfort Level

Think about what comfort means to you.  If you can’t stand being cold, make sure you can control the temperature easily in your bedroom. It’s better for sleep to keep a cooler bedroom, but a luxury cashmere throw on the bed will banish any chills if you wake up in the night.  Provide comfort underfoot with a thick wall to wall carpet, or a deep pile rug or sheepskin to step out of bed onto in the morning.

You could also create a ‘comfort station’ on top of your chest of drawers or bedside table with all those luxury essentials – handcream, eye mask, bottled water, lip balm etc.  A dressing and gown and slippers, hotel style, should be within easy reach too.

Statement & Ambient Lighting

Lighting is important and your bedroom will look much more bespoke if it features a fantastic statement light above the bed.  You can soften the mood with a couple of table lamps.  For the ultimate in luxury, home automation lets you control things like your lighting, music and temperature – so it’s definitely something to consider if you really want to embrace luxury living!

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