Can A Back Massager Really Help Back Pain? A Review of the Donnerberg Back Massager

Review Donnerberg back massager

Chances are at some point you have experienced lower back pain as it is a very common complaint. The majority of the time it can be caused by a strain or pulled muscle. Other times it will be a more serious medical problem such as sciatica (a trapped nerve) or slipped disc.

Working from the office or home often involves long hours of sitting, which might cause lumbar back pain. Poor posture is a culprit for those general aches and pains and also as we age, we may find back pain becomes more of a nuisance. Sometimes you may need the professional care of a chiropractor or physio to help fix or manage a problem. However there are things we can also do for ourselves to alleviate ‘lifestyle’ back pain, such as regular exercising and stretching. Another thing you could try is a back massager.

I’m someone who often experiences a stiff or sore back, which can impact on daily life and prevent me from doing some of the things I enjoy such as fitness classes and running. As I’m getting over a pelvic injury which has caused lower back pain, I was excited to get the chance to try out the Donnerberg Krafty electric back massager. This compact and portable device claims to not only help relieve pain, but deliver a relaxing deep tissue massage.

The size of a cushion, it is ideal for massaging your lower back while sitting at work, in the car as a passenger (not to be used whilst driving), or relaxing at home in front of the TV.

Getting started

shiatsu back massager

There are 10 massage nodes, 8 of which provide a rejuvenating shiatsu massage. The other two intensify the massage with a tapping massage function, which relaxes the muscles and relieves tension.

The massager can be used to massage neck, back, feet, belly, legs and arms. Sit in a comfortable seat and place the massager where you wish to use it.

Donnerberg electric back massager

When you switch on the massager, the shiatsu massage function starts by default at a medium speed and then the tapping massage will follow after one minute. It also activates the high infrared heat setting. These are my preferred options so I am happy to keep my massage on the default setting. However the massage functions and heat setting can be changed at any time, so you can tailor your massage to suit your needs. For example you may want tapping alone, or heat only, or a lower or higher speed massage. Each massage cycle lasts 15 minutes, but you can shorten this if you prefer.

Benefits of shiatsu back massage

The word Shiatsu means finger pressure in Japanese and uses pressure, touch and manipulation techniques to reduce stress and promote overall wellbeing. Regular lumbar massages are very beneficial when it comes to reducing backache because massage increases blood flow to the painful areas and helps to bring oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and helps speed up the recovery process.

My Experience of the Donnerberg back massager

electric back massager

So does it work? I’ve been using this shiatsu back massager for a few days now but felt the benefits straight away. I have found that a 15 minute massage from the device will soothe and relax the tension in my lower back, especially with the added Heat function. The deep kneading massage motion delivers a firm massage which I lean into for full effect, or if I don’t feel able to tolerate that level, I can adjust my position for a lighter contact.

What has surprised me is just how much the massage nodes really do feel like a real hand massage, with the sensation of firm fingers manipulating and kneading. 

The massager sits perfectly behind my back and I’ve used it to alleviates discomfort while relaxing and watching TV. I’ve also used it for some foot massage to help boost circulation and relieve discomfort in the soles and arch of my foot.

Getting up from the chair after a 15 minute session feels much easier as my back is more relaxed, my spine mobility feels improved too. It is not a cure, but certainly I am finding it a great aid to feeling better and the results are tangible for me which boosts my feeling of well-being also.

Get a £20 discount!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me and also if you are keen to try the Donnerberg back massager yourself you can use my discount code TIDY20 for £20 off all massagers on the website!

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