Creating Memorable Gifts

Giving the perfect gift starts with the packaging

Everyone wants to give the perfect give. Whether it’s a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, or you’re just celebrating your friendship/family relationship, it always feels good to give. Once you have chosen the gift however, you still have important decisions to make – packaging matters, how are you going to present it to the recipient? One solution is to invest in block bottom cellophane bags and customise them to your requirements.

Before you head to Bestbuyenvelopes to buy them, what should you be thinking about?

Does the packaging matter that much?

You may be wondering if the packaging really matters that much – the simple answer is yes! If that packaging didn’t matter you wouldn’t bother wrapping are bagging anything at all. But the truth is the presentation and the unwrapping of the gift is a part of the experience, so it does matter.

Why are block bottom bags ideal?

Cellophane bags make ideal choices, especially when they are block bottom design, because they are so useful for such a wide variety of gifts. The worst thing to do is give a gift with inappropriate packaging. Sometimes it can be hard to judge colour, tone, and design – so it’s always a pragmatic option to go with a transparent gift bag. They can be suitable for any time of year, any occasion, and are guaranteed not to offend anyone’s sensibilities or preferences.

What can cellophane bags be used for?

Cellophane bags can be used for all manner of gifts – however they make particularly great sense if you’re looking to give a homemade gift. Homemade gifts are increasing in popularity for a number of reasons. One is that they’re often more affordable, and as the cost of living crisis looms everyone is looking to save money where they can. Another of course is that it’s that much more personal. It’s a touch of you. It’s something you have put some time and effort into creating.

People are making all manner of personalised gifts. For example, you may choose to gift some delicious treats you have made, like homemade brownies or sweets. Or it could be something like a delicious coffee blend you’ve curated for the coffee lover in your life, that you want to present in a more interesting way. It could be craft materials, or even a potpourri mix you have made – there’s really no limits to the number of things you can gift.

Adding some extra style

Cellophane bags are by their nature quite plain, but you can still add some occasion or recipient specific spark. For example you can choose some coloured ribbon to tie the bag closed, a functional addition but also one that can add great flair. Similarly there are many different ribbons and ties to choose from of all different colours. Make sure to add a gift tag too, with a handwritten message to the recipient to really add that extra personal touch and really set the scene.

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