Can You Make Your Garden Low-Maintenance? 

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

Not everybody is a big fan of their garden areas. Often, the ownership of these types of spaces comes with much more responsibility.  

Scheduling time for the long list of garden chores isn’t always ideal when you have a busy schedule, either. It can be a taxing ordeal too, and a degree of skill is required when tending to landscape maintenance needs big and small. While many people enjoy their gardens, looking after them isn’t always convenient either.  

Still, there are ways to make your garden a low-maintenance part of your life. Here are some tips to help you make that happen.  

Feature The Right Plants 

The idea of featuring plants when you want a low-maintenance garden may sound absurd. However, no garden is free of responsibility completely, but securing the right foliage will give you a lot less work to do. 

Do some research into all the low-maintenance plants that are available today. Bulbs, hardy geraniums, and plenty more are viable candidates. For slower growth, plant holly hedges. More exotic foliage like Brahea armata and Yucca Rostrata can also bring some interesting character to your green space without needing an overwhelming amount of care.  

Try not to use things like planters and pots where possible. The greenery within them dries up much faster in hot weather and thus requires more frequent watering. Investigate these matters a little further to see where else you can cut a few maintenance corners.   

Install Composite Decking 

Having a decking area might seem like a lot of busywork at first. However, once it’s installed, it can give you a lot less to worry about while giving you so much.  

For example, the durable composite decking from Alchemy is built to withstand heavy footfall with high-quality timber manufacturing techniques. All of the materials they use are recyclable. The design is built to help you focus on entertaining guests with your decking rather than maintaining the decking over prolonged periods.  

The old mantra is often true when enjoying the garden; you must work hard to play hard. However, with decking installed, you can focus on the latter entirely. If you have any misconceptions about decking and the presumed bother it takes to keep them in good shape, remove them from your mind and pursuit composite decking.   

Utilise Gravel 

Gravel is garden-friendly and can be used to create quirky seating areas or intricate pathways. Almost no work is required to maintain them, save for very rarely filling any gaps if any loose stones are kicked away over the years.  

Additionally, gardens also prevent the growth and subsequent emergence of weeds. One of the biggest chores in all of the garden maintenance is weeds. Weeds often sprout all over the place, and it can be hard work thwarting them all. Some may appear on the fringes, but it’s nothing some quick use of weed killer won’t fix.  

If you’re hoping to have a gravel garden, any plants you feature will need to be drought-tolerant, so keep that in mind. Once again, though, this will give you a lot less work to do.  

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