4 Tips to Manage Your Finances Better 

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When it comes to being happy with your lifestyle, financial stress can greatly interfere with it. Many people struggle with being unhappy because money is a constant struggle.  

Here are 4 tips to manage your finances better.  

Keep a Budget 

A budget sets out what you plan to spend this month and in the coming months. While it will vary from one month to the next because of occasional and one-off expenses, it’s still usually reasonably consistent.  

If you’ve never been a good budgeter or it’s been a good few years since the last one, you’re going to be a little rusty. Work through a list of your past expenses. Some of them you’ll know, others will show up on your debit card, credit card, or bank statement. Also, fill in a budget that includes any cash spending that might get forgotten about otherwise.  

Later, adjust the budget based on what you spent. Don’t suffer from confusion because what’s leaving your bank account is more than expected. Track down the culprit and adjust your budget expectations accordingly (or cut back).  

Reduce Your Car Expenses 

If you’re in the market for a replacement second-hand car because your current one is costing a small fortune in repairs, then know there are strategies to cut the cost of car ownership.  

Car finance can be applied for through ChooseMyCar, which has second-hand car finance deals. These span the range from hire purchase to a personal loan as the simplest one. Some allow the option of purchasing the vehicle outright at the end of the agreement, whereas others work like a lease. 

Picking the best financing method allows you to find one to match your personal circumstances. So, if you’re wanting to replace your used vehicle with another one after the loan has been repaid, that’s a possibility too.  

Look for Deals 

Spending time looking for deals to reduce your expenses is worthwhile if you’re paid a fixed salary compared to someone paid by the hour. 

The time spent looking for lower prices can pay off, but not if you’re a freelancer who also works some weekends. Being a frugal freelancer can end up paying less than working more hours instead. However, for fixed salary employees, if they wish to give up part of their evenings or weekends chasing better deals, they can earn extra and be better off.  

Online coupon sites can save money. Delaying purchases until sales season also helps. Buying during Amazon’s sales events that occur several times a year is also helpful when new items, not second-hand ones, are required.  

Occasional Luxuries, Not Always Middle of the Road 

Many shoppers tend to avoid the budget range at the supermarket. Instead, they go middle of the road or overpay with a branded product. 

The trouble with the above is that it’s unsatisfying because they don’t enjoy the more luxurious, better-tasting items. Spending more on middle-of-the-road consumer goods leaves them too little for the luxuries. Pairing budget items with the occasional luxury costs similarly and can ultimately be more satisfying.  

Being smart with money allows you to get more of what you want. Rather than being restrictive, it maximises the use of the funds you have available.  

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