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Car Tyre Care in Summer

Summer is a great time of year. The children are out of school and exams are over for the time being, and a lot of people take a break from work at this time too. It is a time of year when we tend to drive a lot, because it is such fun to just jump in the car and hit the beach, go for a mountain stroll or enjoy other outdoor pursuits. However, all that extra driving puts more strain on the car, especially the tyres. Here’s how to make sure that your summer fun is not interrupted by an annoying breakdown:

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Drive defensively to protect your tyres. This means no off-roading unless you know you are about to change the tyres, being careful not to scrape and weaken the tyres side-walls when parking, and keeping the tyre pressure at an optimum level.

Tyre pressure Checks

Tyre pressure needs watching in summer as the heat of the day can cause the air in the tyres to expand, which can increase the likelihood of a blow-out occurring. But keeping the pressure too low is also harmful to the tyre as it increases friction with the road and can cause the tyres to wear out quickly.

Check your tyre pressure frequently and work to keep them at the ideal pressure for maximum life-span and convenience. You can usually find the required information on the tyre itself, or in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Spare tyre – In case of Emergency

In the event that all your care does not work, you should make sure that your spare tyre is in good condition. It can be easy to forget about the spare, just assuming that it will be there when it is needed, but it should be checked as often as you check your other tyres. For tyres in London head to your nearest London branch of Iverson Tyres, with highly professional staff you will not be disappointed.

Check the Tyre condition

And you should check your tyres often, as much as once a week if you are driving long distances often. Checking your tyres does not need to be arduous or time-consuming: it can be done with a simple visual check. Look over the tyres – and do spend a few minutes on each tyre, looking for cracks, holes or wear problems. These issues can sometimes be tricky to spot, so you must be thorough. If you do spot any problems, do not be tempted to leave them to see if they get worse: the odds are that it will happen at the most inconvenient moment! This is when you should also check your spare tyre, making sure it is in place and in usable condition. Also, make a note to check your valve caps – they should be present and tightly fitted in order to prevent slow leaks that can blight your day trip or holiday.

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One of the most important things to check is the tread: it is illegal and dangerous for it to get too low. Ensuring a safe drive is neither tedious nor dull – it is simple common sense!

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