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Many of us will be digging out the decorations this weekend, getting our homes spruced up ready for the festive season with some Christmas decor.  We were recently sent a couple of gorgeous decorative items to try out at the front of our house and share with readers.


First up, a fabulous wreath from Balsam Hill.  Is it or isn’t it real, do you think?


It is actually artificial, but it’s the best faux wreath I’ve ever seen.  Even close up, it’s very convincing and you have to look twice.


It’s Balsam Hill’s ‘True Needle Foliage’ that gives their products such a realistic appearance and why their Christmas trees and wreaths are frequently used on Christmas TV sets and at events.  Our wreath is the Fraser Fir Wreath, size 24″.

I am a huge fan of seasonal door wreaths, they just add a nice touch of personality and bring some welcoming charm to your door.  What is great about this Balsam Hill wreath is not only the realism, but it is pre-lit with soft white LED lights which you can set with a timer to come on.  You can choose 4, 6 or 8 hours of illumination before it turns itself off for 20, 18 or 16 hours respectively.  Or you can just switch it on and off as you please, but I sometimes forget to turn lights off before I go to bed, so I love the timer aspect.  There is a green box for the batteries (4 x AA’s) that you can tuck under the greenery so it is pretty discreet, with a couple of buttons on top to control the settings.  I’ve hung it on a simple door wreath hanger so there’s no damage to our front door and I think it really looks a treat, whether lit or not.

Balsam Hill also have a fantastic range of other items including beautiful artificial pre-lit trees that are the same excellent standard, you can check out the website here.

Next up, a gorgeous Scandinavian paper star.  The design we were sent is the Beatrix, which features a decorative pattern in glitter.  These are ever so popular in the Nordic countries, people hang them in their windows at Christmas and they are just so pretty I hope the tradition catches on here!  From Jackie K in Sweden, all the designs come ready with a lamp lead and bulb, plus a bulb protector to keep everything safe.  The star is folded flat in the pack and you just open it out and pull the sides together to form the star shape with a little cotton string to tie it together once your lamp is inside.  We’ve set ours off to one side as it looks nice as you walk up to the front door, or you could place it in the centre of your window.

scandi star


star light

Here are both items as dusk falls.  What do you think?

our house

How do you like to decorate the front of your home at Christmas?  Any favourite lights or decorations you put up every year that have become your tradition, or are you looking for new ideas?  I’d love to hear!

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