Christmas Decor That’s OK To Display All Year Round!

Is it twelfth night today or tomorrow?  I’m not quite sure, but anyway now is the time to take down the Christmas decorations, if you haven’t already (I know plenty of you have, myself included.)

Graham & Green mirror
Gold Star Mirror, Graham & Green

But if you think your house looks bare without them and you are missing a bit of shimmer and sparkle, don’t worry; like the proverbial puppy, some decorations are not just for Christmas!  So here’s a round up of those decorative finishing touches you can leave on display and get away with:


I have a big love for all things star-shaped and it is totally ok to display them all year round.  The gold star shaped mirror at the top of the post, from Graham & Green, for example or the Antique Brass Hanging Star below from Tutti & Co, a carnival-style star lamp, or large rustic barn stars are all worthy of year round appreciation:

Tealight houses & Candles

Another perennial favourite of mine, I adore those little zinc, brass or ceramic tealight houses – they just look so darn cute and homely and not out of place when displayed outside of Christmas.  They just show that you love your home and getting hygge!  And candles definitely aren’t just for Christmas, we all love to use them throughout the year – simply swap your festive smelling cinnamon and spice ones for fresher, lighter scents.  You can also add some sparkle with pretty metallic candles such as those available from Bolsius.

Walther & Co Houses from Greige

Antlers and Angel Wings

You may have displayed faux antlers on your table or fireplace for Christmas, or a pair of angel wings wall decor, but don’t pack them away as these decorative items have a very eclectic look and can work in an interior throughout the year, adding interest and individuality to a space.

Sweetpea & Willow Angel Wings

Branch with hanging decorations

A natural branch is a great replacement once the Christmas tree is taken down.  Suspend it from the ceiling above a dining table or attach to a wall above a sofa, then decorate with less overtly-Christmassy decorations, such as these beautiful feathers and baubles, currently in the Rose & Grey sale.  Add a wall hanging and a sheepskin rug and you’ll convey a totally bohemian vibe. 

And mini photo frames like my favourite Tiny Kiko frames from Nkuku make a great replacement for Christmas baubles, too, and can decorate any corner of the home.

Sequined cushions and baskets

If you follow #tidylife on Instagram, you may have seen the gorgeous gold-sequinned seagrass basket I bought recently.  Mine is definitely not going into storage until next Christmas; it will be out on display all year.

For a bit of glitz and glam, a few sequins on a cushion, placemat or table runner don’t necessarily scream ‘Christmas’, they simply add a flash of interest and style.

HM Cushion
Sequin cushion cover, H&M

 Fairy, String and Festoon Lights

There are so many types of fairy/string/festoon lights on the market now that we don’t only associate them with Christmas and it is totally ok to drape them over shelves or headboards, wrap around a fireside basket of logs or entwine around a tall cactus plant!  When used outside on patios and balconies they look really attractive and add a special charm.

Lights4Fun Festoon Lights

Honeycomb Paper Balls

Honeycomb paper balls were massive on Instagram this Christmas, adorning people’s stair banisters and hanging from kitchen ceilings and above dining tables.  If you pick less Christmassy colours and go for soft greys, navy, blush pinks etc or pops of bright colour such as yellow they add such an element of fun – great in a kid’s room too and cheap to decorate with.  (Many party suppliers stock them – these ones are from Party Pieces.)

Glitter balls / disco balls

Another big trend you’ll have spotted if you venture onto Pinterest or Instagram is the casually placed disco glitter ball, beside a plant in the corner of a room or hallway, or next to a velvet armchair or adorning the centre of a reclaimed dining table.  Kitsch is cool and these shimmering balls may just give you the hit of bling you miss from your Christmas decorations!

Golden disco balls, Rockett St George
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