Christmas Lighting Ideas – Inside and Out

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year and for me I get the greatest pleasure from decorating my house.

I am a huge fan of fairy lights and string lights and love to work them into my Xmas decor.  So today I’m sharing a few ideas to add some special Christmas lighting to your home, inside and out:


As well as decorating your Christmas tree with lights, the fireplace is another natural spot to adorn with Christmas lighting.  A collection of candles in metal lanterns or glass tealight holders looks pretty, using realistic LED tealights for safety.

Also, Christmas themed lights on a string, or illuminated greenery garlands (faux or real) look stunning when draped above the fireplace.  A pre-lit garland also works a treat to dress a stair banister.

In a window you could hang a beautiful white paper star lantern with a lightbulb inside for a pure and snowy Scandinavian look, paired with an LED candle arch.

Illuminated words such as MERRY XMAS look great in a window from the outside – you could use one this year’s most popular home decor items, the lightbox, or buy individual freestanding letter lights, to spell out festive words like XMAS or SNOW.

You can also hang a pretty star curtain at a window – it looks festive and can be appreciated from both the inside and out, like this one which I love, from Lights:


Making a good first impression really counts at Christmas.  Your front door should be really welcoming.

If you usually hang a wreath on the door, why not twist some outdoor fairy lights around it – that way it will still be visible in the evenings with its welcoming glow.

Some people will put pre-lit dwarf Christmas trees or bay trees either side of the door, or hang illuminated faux buxus balls from wall brackets.  You could illuminate the path to your front door with little LED lanterns.

If you have a porch or canopy above your door, you could hang string lights from it, or boughs of holly with fairy lights entwined.

For more impact, have you considered placing a large twinkling garden decoration on your lawn, such as an illuminated wire deer or metal Christmas tree, covered in lights?   A newer trend is to use a special projector to display festive moving images on the front of your house, such as cute snowflakes.

However you choose to decorate your home with Christmas lighting, be sure to have fun!  This opportunity only comes around once a year after all.

© Copyright 2017 Antonia, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tidylife
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