How to clean and maintain wood flooring

There’s no denying the visual appeal of wood flooring.  Whether you already have wooden floors in your home, or are thinking about getting them, it’s important to know how to care for them, to make sure that luxurious finish stays looking good for the long term.

Practical, hard-wearing and stunning; nothing looks quite as timeless as a classic wooden floor and it’s ideal for the home, being safe, hygienic and durable.  Something like this beautiful engineered oak flooring, which has a top layer of genuine hardwood, or a quality solid oak flooring like this from specialist suppliers,  Nexus Flooring, both require a similar level of care.

If you want to know how to take good care of your wood flooring, simply follow these essential tips and you won’t go wrong:

The best way to keep a wood flooring spotless is to regularly sweep it with a soft bristled brush and dustpan.  You may vacuum it carefully if you have a suitable hose attachment that won’t damage the surface, but beware grit, gravel, dirt or oil being present.  When trodden into the house these can all damage the floor so a doormat at every entrance point is an essential – and a no shoes indoors policy, even better!

It’s important to note that wooden floors are not keen on moisture.  If they absorb too much water, they can warp and buckle and you may notice white patches appearing if you are not very careful.  So, avoid getting your floor too wet – a slightly damp mop over the surface is usually ok, but don’t apply any harsh chemicals, which could damage the finish.  Instead, buy a detergent that is suitable for wooden floors and it is recommended that you also test a small inconspicuous area first.  Make sure you wipe up any spills promptly, too, and avoid steam cleaning.

Wood floors can age beautifully, but can also be adversely affected by strong sunlight and extreme temperature changes.  You may want to use rugs to protect from sun damage or in those high traffic areas.  Where furniture is placed on the floor, consider putting protective mats down or felt pads beneath the feet of chairs and table legs to keep your floor in top condition.  In extreme temperatures wood can shrink and expand, so don’t be surprised if that happens.  It may be worth getting a dehumidifier if you think this could be a problem.

Pets claws and toys, such as metal cars, can do damage to the top surface, so this is something to consider.  It is possible to sand and re-finish both good quality engineered and solid flooring if required.  Applying a suitable oil or wax may be an option if the floor becomes dull over time, too.

There’s no doubt that beautiful wood flooring is the perfect, timeless choice for many contemporary homes.  Simply take the time to look after yours and it will serve you well, giving you the stylish luxury your home deserves.

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